Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oakdene vineyard and Portarlington

We went to Ocean Grove for the day just to visit a friend. Yep me, Friend A and B. Here Oakdene had some nice views and the cafe there was great.

Friend A and B didn't really like the food all that much. But I enjoyed the pizzas and they would be great with a glass of wine. Here we ordered potato pizza and ham and mushroom pizza. I could taste the truffle in the potato pizza and I liked that very much. A white wine would work well with this.




As well as marinara, fish with apple slaw and crab cakes. I have had better marinara in the city which was worth the price tag. This marinara here was not fresh and the linguini was about a day or two old. It broke easily and there was too much sauce to it.

The apple slaw was very vinegary. Here the fish had a lot of batter and it was hard to eat. But the batter was crispy. It was a beer battered fish,

Whilst going around the vineyard and exploring my friends had coffee and they didn't enjoy it that much. I saw that they had high tea going for $45 which is a little bit pricey. They also had $5 tastings for their well known wines. For me that is also expensive seeing as city gives it for free. But I did love their dukkah.

The pier

The pier again

After lunch we went to Portdarlington which is about a ten minute drive away. There, there was lovely sea on a lovely sunny day. Here there was a mussel stall selling mussels at $5 a kg. Friend A wanted some so she got.

And then we walked off lunch. Around the bay we went and enjoyed some of the sights and here are the pictures.

Do come up for a road trip away from the city when you want a break.


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