Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a visit to prahran market

Prahran Market
This market is famous for their fresh fruit and vegetables as well as Jasper coffee. I went there with Miss Adriennely today in search of their Jasper coffee stall.
|I visited three places today as well as walk around the market. This market is in zone 1 on the number 72 tram. If you are coming from the city you can take the 72 tram to the market and the stop is outside the market. If you are coming from Pakenham/Frankston you can take the train to Toorak station and then the 72 tram bound for the city.
1) Aroma Bakery

Aroma Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Adriennely and I went to visit this place. Adriennely wanted to go there. I wanted to visit the small cart outside the bakery.
The atmosphere and the food looked really good from the outside but that was about it. There was hardly anyone inside.
The staff there lacked knowledge. The shop was run by Asians who don't know better. They brought me the wrong order twice on coffee. I ordered a piccolo and they came up twice with a single small latte. All the coffees were three dollars. A piccolo is a small 90 ml glass of coffee, made as a latte. Adriennely, who works in a coffee shop tried to convince them. When Adriennely left for work I tried her single skinny latte and I found hers to be just the same as mine.
Adriennely had a sweet potato pie ($5.50), which the serving staff was a bit slow on the uptake and I had a cheese and chive pastry with salad ($8.90- they tried to charge me ten dollars but I wasn't fooled by sign on by the pastries). I couldn't taste much of the chives in there. Adriennely's pie tasted like it was microwaved and not freshly baked.
My salad was not fresh at all.
Disappointing. Will not be visiting there again. Shame, because Prahran Market has a lot of good places and is famous with the foodies. I went to wander around Prahran market and got to try a few things

2) Jasper coffee.
After Adriennely left and after a very disappointing coffee, I went around to visit the Jasper stall. Jasper is a famous brand of coffee in Australia and they have been operating for twenty years. 
Adriennely should come here as their coffee is very good. I got to try some samples. One of them was sweet and the other was bitter. They don't have much food though, but they sure have good coffees. I hadn't had a chance to order any coffee, but I sure will next time. I was too full from lunch and I wanted to try a gelati from Fritz Gelato which brings me to my next point.
Jasper Coffee on Urbanspoon

3) Fritz gelato.
Here this place is voted number one ice cream shop in Melbourne. I had an Entertainment book voucher for buy one ice cream get one free, but Adriennely had already gone. I can always use this with another friend. The lady there that served me was knowledgeable, not like the guys at aroma. She seemed to know which flavours go with which. She seemed a bit distracted and got an order mixed up for another customer.
I got the apple sorbet with the coconut gelato for $5 in a cup. The apple sorbet was very refreshing, but the coconut was a little bit too sweet for me. 
Fritz Gelato on Urbanspoon

Some other sights I saw and foods that I tasted at the Market

I think I will be back to try the coffee brewing class next Tuesday in Market lane coffee and maybe visit the Vietnamese cart. 

Went back to visit the Claringbold's seafood place as they do sushi. Here the sushi is $2.50 per roll and $1 per inari. I loved the inari- it was filling and flavoursome. I wasn't too sure about the raw tuna handroll as the tuna was warm and not very fresh. But did like the vegetarian ones though. I think the next time I return I should just get the veggie ones.


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