Code of Ethics for Newintstudents blog and how we operate

Code of Ethics

You have asked for this so here it is.
These are listed under subtitles
We try our best to ask about this option on Facebook or via email, but sometimes its not very practical.

We would love to have lots and lots of photography to assist us in describing the place

We want to try to keep the costs as low as possible for the students. As you know students don’t have a lot of money to spend on eating and stuff.

A good way to do this is by watching out for specials and deals.

Choosing places
We usually try to choose places that we know are good. Or that we have read that are really good. Hence we usually try and go to most of the cheap eats that people have been to before or that we have been to before but have not been reviewed.

We try and choose places that are in the metro area as that is the cheapest. We know that not many students own cars and owning cars is expensive and costly to run.

Reviewing places and products
We disclose the truth about most places and products. If the place is really good or the staff is really friendly we’d say so.

If we think that the staff is underpaid we’d also point that fact out.

If we think that the food/product is awful we’d also mention and why we think so.

Disclaimer: All our reviews are entirely our own and what we thought of the place/product at the time.

Invitations to places and products:
We don’t mind these. In fact we’d love them. If you want to invite us to a place or a product launch, please drop us an email at:

But try to invite us to things that are near public transport and during the daytime if you can.

We'd be happy to pay for some of the costs as it is fair for you (if requested).
We do regularly visit events which are beneficial for students and write about them. We also photograph them as well as part of advertising.

We aim to attend events which are cheap for students or free of charge. Our price range is $0-$35 per event. We also don’t attend events which requires a car as most International students don’t drive much in Victoria.

If you would like to invite us to an event please drop us an email at:

Issues and things affecting students
Occasionally there are things that affects students such as the Iranian struggling to pay fees. We will endevour to cover these issues affecting students.

Using recipes and things from the Internet
From time to time it is not always possible to use our words (ie recipes) so we will get things off the net. But when we write up about it we will always mention where they came from

Any questions:
Feel free to ask us at our email above.


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