Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jack Daniel's inspired dinner at TGI Friday

Sponsored by Healthyinternational student site who asked us to help promote their book. They are raising money for the Salvation Army who need the funds for the homeless.

Everyday more and more people turn to the streets for many reasons, one being financial.

TGI Friday's have a 50% off the main discount. That is if you buy the book off us. And if you buy there might also be a $20 iTunes gift card for you thrown in for good measure.

There are two TGI Friday's in the city but I went to the one in Southbank. This one is much more open and inviting in terms of atmosphere. Here you can watch the NRL or footy on their live screens and enjoy the many specials by the bar.

TGI Friday's are known for their Jack Daniel's dishes and other Amercian foods. Think buffalo wings or the Jack Daniel's sampler plate. But they have a great range of artisanal burgers. I wanted to try the Jack Daniel's beef brisket burger. It comes with a side of chips and the classic Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce which is sweet. It's a pity that TGI Friday's don't sell the actual product and if they do good for them.

To offset all that sweetness I went for a Jack Daniel's inspired drink and that is bourbon and coke which was very strong in taste. The bartender knew what he was doing.

Do buy the Entertainment book here and you'll support their charity which is the Salvation Army.


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