Sunday, April 28, 2013

Broken: Film Review by Katherine

I was invited to this screening of Broken by Weekend Notes

It was at the Nova Cinemas in Carlton. Normally to see this it would cost me $15 (or $6 on Mondays) for a student ticket.
At the cinema you can bring food and drink in even coffee. And they do have a lovely bar in which you can enjoy alcoholic drinks.

About 10 people (including myself saw the movie)

The movie is based on a book by Daniel Clay. Starring Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy and Eloise Laurence this movie is a must see for people that love a lot of emotion. There is a bit of sadness in the movie itself. See my review here.
Broken the trailer- watch it here

This exciting movie will be released on May 16th at Nova Cinemas.


My week of breakfasts by Katheine

As part of our Health and human development series.

Did  you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and without it you'll starve. Hence I have written a seven day plan.

Day 1
Today I had brioche raisin bread with tea. It was yummy and only just under $1.

Day 2
image by Flickr

I had oats for breakfast with canned peaches and tea. The oats needed to be in milk and then microwaved for 1 min and 30 secs. My breakfast only cost me $3.

Day 3
I had banana on bread. I just chopped the banana up and put it on normal bread. It was nourishing. I feel as though it is easy and quick to make breakfast at home rather than take out.

Day 4
I had toast with my leftover can of beans. I feel that eating breakfast at home is way better for you and cuts your costs down. At least I won't be spending too much money on take out lunches and breakfasts. I've spent less than $2 on this breakfast and its quite nourishing.

Day 5:
I had an open sandwich with lettuce and mushrooms on top. Yum! I am starting to love lots of veggies and it is easy to have 5 serves of it. And it is less than $1 to do it yourself at home.

Day 6
I had muesli with just milk and chia seeds.

Day 7
My flatmate made me scrambled eggs. Sorry I don't have a picture for this as I forgot to take one before eating it. But it was delicious with all the herbs and salt and sourdough bread

My week on being vegetarian by Katherine

As part of our Health and Human development series.

The aim of the challenge is to try and learn as much as I can about being vegetarian. That means no meat this week. That means also trying a lot of different vegetarian places.

I was really inspired to do this story after reading many of Meld's vegetarian stories. Some of my friends at uni are vegetarian.

So for this week I cannot have much meat; it has to be mainly vegetables. Also all the vegetables that I use has be bought from the market.

I can still have fruits, my usual snacks (without any meat that is) and my breakfasts. I can also go to places which serve vegetarian meals

Day 1.
Woke up and had museli with Chia seeds and my usual tea. Was at home all day today so I had a salad and Easy Mac which is just cheese and macaroni. It was cold outside so I was tempted to have meat, but I stopped myself in time by having more cheese

Saw an email from Crown saying that there was $9.90 footy specials at Jimbo and Rex, Emporio Della Pasta and Cotta. But then when I saw the menu for Jimbo and Rex, I saw that it was all meat options. I saw the same for Emporio Della Pasta. Ahh it's going to be a bit of a challenge to find things which are vegetarian but I will get there eventually.
For dinner that night I had a potato ball, rice, greens and faux chicken schnitzel

Day 2.
It was so cold last night that I could hardly sleep at all. Today for breakfast I had just cereal. For lunch I had sushi, miso soup and salad. I'm really happy with the way how things are going. I found that most vegetarian things are cheaper than meat. Am happy that I'm saving money by being a vegetarian.
As I was going home from school, whilst waiting for my train I could smell meat and fried food. I wished I could eat some but restrained myself. I wonder how the next few days will pan out.

Day 3.
Had vegetarian sushi and coffee for breakfast. Yes I know it was a bit late today but I struggled to get out of bed this morning and was rushing to my first class. Now don't try this at home. It was such a bad idea as I lost my concentration and nearly fainted.
Had mock meat with spices for dinner. It was yum.

Day 4.
I really want meat today. Naw.
Its so cold outside. But I have my salad with nuts and chia seeds and for breakfast I had bananas on toast with chia seeds.
For lunch I had a lettuce salad with nuts and chia seeds. Am really loving using chia seeds as they are full of fibre and makes me fuller for longer.
I really wanted to visit the Shandong Mama but I saw that they had meat and no veg options.

Day 5.
I went to Zest wraps for breakfast. Saw that they didn't have any vegetarian options on the menu but was happy to ask them to do a vegetarian wrap for me. And they did
Went to the regional living expo and forgotten about being vegetarian and accidentally ate one of KR Castlemaines meat.
But I remembered at the The Merrywell where I ordered a vegetarian burger ($12.5) and onion rings.
For dinner that night I had noodles with vegetarian wontons at home.

Day 6.
Now I'm beginning to have pangs for meat. Oh well just another two more days and I can have meat again. Yay!
Went to the supermarket that day (Coles I think it was) and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that some of the vegetables were cheap (under $5 mainly) so I stocked up on heaps and heaps.
Later on that night from all that hunger I ate some dried sultanas.

Day 7
Was at home today but went for a walk. Can't wait to go back to meat. Made some soup for lunch and dinner that day. Loved it. In fact it was a simple dinner meal and books that night. I know I am devoid of proteins but I know that I can meat and other stuff tomorrow.

Lessons learnt
* More and more places should have some sort of vegetarian dishes on the menu
* Its cheaper being a vegetarian, but if you have any weight concerns see a dietician. If you have any medical concerns see a doctor first before attempting this
* If you are in a restaurant and see that they aren't vegetarian see if you can get them to make your order vegetarian. If they can't maybe leave.
* You can make lots of stuff with vegetables- you just have to know what goes with what
* Substitute meat for cheese, eggs and tofu/tempeh as they are cheap but high in protein and will keep you fuller for longer

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Japan Club Movie day

Location: in RUSU Meeting Room in Building 8 level 3 RMIT City campus
Date and time: 25/4/2013 at 12pm
Cost: free for RMIT Japan Club members and $1 for others

About 20 people came to this event. To start off with we enjoyed a guessing game.

The food
It was all free. Here we had free pizzas and snacks and drinks

The Movie:
Runoni Kenshin
Starring:  , ,
"140 years ago Japan entered a war period known as the Bakumatsu wars and there was an assassin known as Battosai who killed everyone".
The trailer from You tube

It is about one guy who was an assassin during the wars and the Meiji period. During that time there was a lot of peace and most of Japan followed the Western ways. Terror and violence was over. Opium is referred  to quite frequently in the movie.
After some time an undercover cop was murdered by Battosai at the fair. A wanted poster was put up at the school. At that time he murdered all the police officers and left notes on their dead bodies. In Kyoto this also happened as well.

The drug lord Kanryuu Takeda tries to buy the school to produce opium but it never happened. Because Kenshin helped to protect it alongside Kaoru Kamiya.  In the end Kamiya let him stay in the school. It was also a hiding place for Megumi who was under Kanryuu Takeda's spell. The movie talks a lot about the school and why it was desserted.

The drug lord poisons the school and when he does all hell breaks lose at his mansion and Battousai was killed. In the end the drug lords were arrested and Megumi and the others lived happily ever after.

I am a fan of action movies with all the blood and guts. The fight scenes were really good, but there was a few moments of love and sadness especially when the wife found out that her husband died.

Many thanks to the RMIT Japan for organising this.

The Common Man

The Common Man is a place in South Wharf. It is on the far end of the promenade.

I was invited to try them out hence everything was free. But I did tip a huge amount at the end.

They had just been opened for a year and already they are becoming popular on Friday night.

They have happy hour from 5pm-7pm where it is $6 per pint and $10 per jug. On the sunny days they have a pop up bar.

The bathrooms are at the back and down the hallway behind the open kitchen.
The service there was friendly but a little bit disorganized. But they are just new so give them a bit a chance.

The music was very lively today and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The outside atmosphere was very nice. Here I could watch the world go by.

I had their bread with olive oil and skordalia (which is some sort of onion dip). Normally I'd have to pay $4.50 for this.

That and my lemonade which is normally $3.50.

Loved the bread with the olive oil. It was a match made in heaven. Also loved the onion dip but it was a tad too much dip.Make the serving a bit smaller and we would be just fine.

I loved the olive oil. I think it was from Mount zero.

With this I got to sample two types of breads; multigrain and sourdough. I liked the sourdough better as it was not tough, but light and chewy. The multigrain bread when toasted was hard and burnt.

The lemonade was great. I loved the little piece of lime in there.

It's prime dining at its best without being too expensive. Having said that I'd like to return with my library group one day as I love the outdoor atmosphere and at night it would be magic

Common Man on Urbanspoon


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