How this blog came about


Started in Feburary with not many posts but a few events and information for new international students
In March had decided to put more food posts and advertise it by Urbanspoon. In that time RNIS also made a Facebook page. It wasn't really known until June.
In May the team at RNIS decided to visit the exam venue as they was having exams there. It is here that I came across South Melbourne and the market and tried their dumplings.
In October RNIS met up with Adrinnely and we went to Prahran Market. This was the first time we ever came across the Market and now we love it.
In November met up with Eat and be merry and we discovered Oriental Spoon. This was literally the first time that Sally have ever eaten Korean.


Tried Sonidos. This was literally the first time RNIS ever tried Latin American food.
Discovered more cheap eats and decided to write a list of where RNIS wanted to go each month. But we didn't always stick to our game plan because there was always new eateries to try. At the end of that year we were ranked at number 10 on Urbanspoon and had plenty of views.

2013- the year of change

In 2013 we submitted the blog for bloggers awards. But we never won. But still we kept trying with new things and technologies. The team had attended their first masterclass in blogging that year.

The team signed up to Nuffnang and Google Plus. The team also earned $102 in AdSense money. Also businesses wanted us to review their places for free.

To learn more about writing we joined Weekend Notes. There it opened a whole new perspective on things.

We went to our first Gastropub that year. We also went to Chadstone.
At the end of 2013 the team found out that 1600 students were being excluded from uni. We also found out much more about the challenges faced by students through the “Life is a gamble” play which is a play that portrays the lives of International students studying in Melbourne.

Present year 2014

Now the team is writing their first book as well as exploring new heights. Now we are ranked number 1 on Urbanspoon and are happy with being in that place. Being at number 1 meant a whole lot more new views and invites to places.

Now we are also reading a lot of influential books and books about people’s lives and what worked and what did not to learn about life’s true meanings.

This year RNIS has decided to sell the Entertainment book to bring things to a new height. We had used some of the fine dining offers to try and get the real meaning of fine dining and buffets.

We are also going to many potluck dinners and helping out at the Couch from time to time. This is really to help us to understand International students a lot better so that we can cater to their needs.


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