Saturday, August 12, 2017

Il Nostro Posto

RNIS dined as guests.

We have been here once before. And its in some little cozy laneway called Hardware Lane. Here they have been around for 11 years and have not been found.

We loved sitting in their cozy dens whether it is upstairs or down. This time I liked downstairs very much. Here we got to see the good wines on offer. Some of their wines are imported from Italy.

Their wines are really great and they have a long wine list. I loved their red wine and it worked with the entree and the main. The red wine works well for winter and mushroomy dishes.

Here we had the aranchini to start with. It was good and very cheesey and the salad worked well. But I would have liked a little more.

The penne pasta was the best highlight of the night. It was al dente and the sauce is just like what my mum makes at home. It worked well with the red wine. Pity though that my friend had coke as Italian food always works better with wine or a campari or two. A campari is an Italian cocktail which can be sweet or sour- whichever way you make it.
Mushroom pizza

The mushroom pizza was equally just as good with the red wine but I could not understand the tomato sauce. I would have thought that like Ladro's they had a white base. But my friend and I enjoyed it with the chilli sauce.

For dessert I had cannoli with a moscato. I was a little bit tipsy but I wanted to try a dessert wine since the Italians love their desserts with dessert wine and the wine never failed me. It was sweet and crisp in taste. It tasted like apple.

The cannoli is made in house. Here I loved the freshness and the sweetness of it all. I didn't like a lot of the chocolate sauce by my friend did.

Rating: 15/20- good food, good service. Do book as they are bound to get busy on Friday nights.


Fatto is a great Italian place and they have been up and going for a few years now. But they have always been too expensive for us students. That is until their $10 pizza deal came up and their $5 Birra Moretti. Birra Moretti is an Italian beer which is pale in taste, but its also very wheatey in smell and taste.

The bar is always busy and the bathrooms are in the restaurant area.

Here it worked well with the mushroom pizza. Normally pizza is $20 but here it is only $10 for a plate of 400 Gradi. The mushroom pizza does not come with tomato sauce- hence it is blonde.

But the other food in the restaurant is much better. Here you can get 2 courses for $45 which is not bad. I was always a fan of the spaghettini as I saw many good pictures online of it. Here I was not wrong. The pasta was al dente and the crab was fresh. But they put too much lemon flavour in it which overpowered the dish a lot.

I loved the ricotta ball. It was a nice start to the meal. It was very light on the palate and that paste worked a treat!

Then for dessert it was cheese again. This time it was French brie and lavosh. I enjoyed the quince paste with the brie.

Rating: 15/20- enjoyed a good meal and was full at the end. The service was friendly but a little bit pushy at times. Towards the end of the night they let us sit and chatter away but not at the start where things got busy. Luckily I booked ahead.


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