Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cake Wine pop up bar

Cake Wine is a boutique wine. The wines are produced in Adelaide Hills.

Here there is a pop up bar in Kerr st in Fitzroy.

I had the chance to visit the bar with the Blogger society on the 11/8/2013 and it had a great vibe to it. Moreover the music wasn't too loud and we can still hear ourselves. We mingled over wine and my server was very friendly. He even let me take lots of pictures of the bar.

They are only open during limited hours usually at night.

10% of their profits go towards independent radio.

They are about culture and bringing art and culture alive in Melbourne's society. There are many film events and launches.

They are around for the next 2-3 weeks. So get your groove on and make sure that you check them out.

For more information check out this site. You can also buy their wines online through this site as well as check out the pop up events that they have.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nescafes- Hazelnut latte

I had bought a packet of these Hazelnut Lattes at the supermarket. The Hazelnut Lattes are a part of Nescafe's Cafe series which has been around for a long time.

I have had other drinks in this series and they were great. I had high expectations of this drink and this did not disappoint.

Let me tell you. It might not be for everyone as it is quite milky.

Its quite sweet and tastes like mocha. I can taste small hints of chocolate in there.

Its great for winter when you need to be up all night studying for exams.

Exploring Glenferrie Road

It is 10 mins by train to Glenferrie from the city. Once you exit the station you'll see a huge plethora of cheap eats and Japanese food.

Here a lot students study at Swinburne, hence there are always a lot of people around that area.

They also have a great selection of cafes which are friendly on the student budget.

With all the traffic on the road it feels like India and Indonesia. Here there are always traffic jams.

A few stores that will remind you of Indonesia is Nelayan Bakery, Indomart and Laguna supermarket.

I know Meld has written up about these before but we'd also thought that we would write them here.

You might remember that there is one in the city. But there is also one here. This store is bigger and much cleaner. We will visit at some stage

There are two stores, one in the city and the other on Glenferrie road. Laguna is an Indonesian supermarket selling all of your Asian eats.

Another store across the road is Indo Mart. It has all the same stuff as the other store but except it sells ready made food.

Here I bought a regular iced tea with topping for $4. How cheap are they considering that in the city you'd pay $5 for one of these

Students do come by when you have free time and not a lot of cash. This suburb is only in zone 1 and if you have a monthly you won't need to pay any extra than your usual daily fare of $4.


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