Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chocolate at Pellegrini's

Pellegrini's is a popular place and it is highly rated on It is also mentioned in the Age Good cafe guide.
This place is about two minutes walk from Parliament station. I have been past this place a few times on my way to Bundoora campus. It was a cold rainy day when I visited. I felt like hot chocolate and didn't have much money to buy the other stuff.
The interior was dark and retro. The cafe was really quiet for a place which is ranked number 18 on Urbanspoon.
That's weird that they don't have a menu. I tried to ask the guy that served me but he said no. I didn't know how much the cakes were and they only had limited food on display. So I just ordered a hot chocolate which was a bit meh for $3. It was thick, but not as foamy as I liked it. It also had no cafe art to it. I love a bit of cafe art on my coffees.
The guy did seem a little creepy. I think he wanted to get rid of me.
Pellegrini's Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon


  1. Pellegrini's is one of those places that is well loved because its such a part of Melbourne history. I think it was the first real Italian coffee bar in the city (but stand to be corrected). Its as much about what it means to Melbourne as the food or coffee here.


  2. yeah sure... i'd like to try their watermelon drinks :)



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