$50 week

My week on $50
I bought the food and paid all the bills for the week.
I can only live on $50 cash for the week. No cards, just cash.

Was at home today so I had all the leftovers.

Another free day as work sponsored my lunch Kimukuran and Helados. Yay. Am looking forward to going to the Festival of nations. And Luncheonette.

is a lovely sunny day. Went to Luncheonette and spent $15.50. Also bought a bean meal from Woolworths for $2.49. It was the last one there and I just had to have it. Also bought some pickles for $5.55 and two scoops of ice cream for $5.50

Later on that day I spent about $3.80 for green tea from Bubble cup and $2 on a sausage roll from China Bar.

I also tried some samples from the new Woolworths. They had just opened today and there was free food for everyone.
Didn't end up going to the Festival of nations this time.

Had a salad from home. It was nice not thinking about money all the time.
But I also went to the Shanghai st and spent $15.10. Whoops. Have to be more careful.

Spent about $6.65 at the Victoria Market
Spent $3 at the new woolworths buying a salad and some cutlery. But got to try some samples from there.
Spent $4.50 on a small hot chocolate. What a rip off
Spent $3.80 on a bottle of iced tea when I can buy it from woolworths for less than that

Saturday: Ate everything at home for free. Which is lovely.

Sunday: I went out with the Japan Club to St Kilda Market

I went over the $50 budget by about $20. I think next time I'll have to learn all the cheap ways of Melbourne and stick to those


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