Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nam Loong

Nam Loong is a Chinese restaurant in the city which sells the best dumplings and buns or so I'm told. They are well known for these and the noodles.  I had a dumpling craving and it was a cold winters day so I went before the TAFE rally. So off I went.
I had walked past the place a few times but did not have the money/time or appetite to try.
Here it was 11am and it was quiet.
There was a really surly looking lady walking around in tracksuit pants working. I wonder why when it is not acceptable in hospitality. everyone else was wearing jeans. everyone else was fine. Can't complain.
There were heaps of spelling mistakes on one of their menus. They should really pay attention to these mistakes, because they say a lot about the restaurant. They would imply that the restaurant is careless.
The floor was dirty though... probably from last nights trade.
It is a cash only place.
Here I ordered $13 worth of food; Char Kuey Teow and two buns (Pork and custard). If I was just to order the buns to eat in it is an extra $1. WHy? Its also an extra $0.50 for a takeaway box.

The buns were good nice and hot. It is about $1.60-$1.80 for take away. They came within five minutes and they were my faves.
The char kuey teow was too oily and the noodles were overcooked. The rice noodles were broken that it was hard to eat with chopsticks. Instead I had to ask for a fork and spoon which I shouldn't have to- they should have provided it.  There was no wok hei to this. The bean sprouts, pork and onion were fresh and crunchy but the spring onion was soggy and soft. It was cold in one part and hot in the other.
There is free tea for their customers which is great.

Next time I'll be back for their dumplings n just the sponge cake to take away as Take away is cheaper. I don't recommend the noodles though.

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