Saturday, May 27, 2017

Udon Yasan

Udonn Yasan is a cheap Japanese eatery in the city that suits all types of people from students to workers.

Here their prices start from $4.80 per udon/rice bowl and go up to $6.80 for a large bowl. You can add extras in for $1.50 to $3 per item. The toppings are free though.

There is one place were you order, then collect and then you pay at the cashier. Like Ikea you bring your dishes back.

Seeing as it was no meat May I went for the vegetarian one with tofu in it. I added a vegetarian croquette, inari, pumpkin tempura and an egg to my meal. It added up to $12.50. This filled me up and as a runner I needed my proteins and good fats.

The noodles were really springy in texture and the broth was lovely. It was a miso broth. Here I put lots of seaweed and spring onion in there.

I loved the tofu pouch.

The croquette was really yummy.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tokyo District

This place is a new place in Midtown plaza. Here they specialise in Donburi and have a limited menu. They also have free ice cream for those that like their Facebook page.

They have many specials and this place is huge. It replaced Ramen Bankara.

Here their bentos were good but the kakkiage in the rice bowl had too much sauce added to it. The other kkkiage which I ordered on its own was just fine. The sauce was on the side and was the soy sauce and not the sweet one used for tempura.

Here they used authentic Japanese rice and the chawan mushi was quite nice. It was silky and smooth. The salad had waaay too much dressing to it.

The miso soup was the authentic Japanese sort. But it was powdered and the tofu gave it that nice touch.

Rating: 15/20- good. Do come here for authentic Japanese and service with a smile.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The resident cafe

The Resident cafe has been really busy on a Sunday which is a good sign. They are featured in the Age Cheap eats guide for 2017. This is another tick in my book.

It is a small friendly cafe in Ashburton and I was there for my long run deciding to visit Gardiners Creek Trail. I was facinated by the lovely building that I decided to go in.

The menu featured many breakfast items but most items have meat as per usual. I did however like the look of the guy's burger.

As per usual I love my soy latte and this one did not disappoint. But there was a wait and with that came a stuff up on the other tables meals when they got bacon and they didn't want it.

Here because it is no meat May I had the green omelette with Yarra Valley feta cheese, kasuandi and toast. This was $17. The green omelette had a lot of vegetables in there and it had avocado. That toast was nice but they could have given me more given that egg omelette was huge.

Do come by to this lovely gem in Ashburton. It is a stone's throw away from the station.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Melbourne Knowledge Week

Melbourne Knowledge week is a huge event and every year they have many free events and exhibitions for all to enjoy. Here they had a film screening on at General Assembly that I was invited to attend. This film screening was about how they created games like Minecraft and other building games.

The film showcased the cities of Kenya, Stockholm, Kossovo and the US.

This film let us saw how much gaming has changed in the last few years. In the last few years the gaming industry has spent billions of dollars on the games. People create the games in a uni computer lab which is hard because there is not enough money to make them. Then they have to work for the end user like myself. They have to be engaging for all.

If people don't like the game or if the game gets a bad review then the creators of the game go broke or out of business. To promote the game the creators went to a gaming expo to exhibit the game.

Today's video games help shape the future of our city and they too can help shape the future of Melbourne. They too can help create communities.

Then the Hackathon reinforced the theme of Then, Now and in the future as teams worked together at General Assembly on a Saturday morning and afternoon on a challenge. The challenge was based on Melbourne's public transport system and how it can be better for all. The best team won bags and free bitcoins. The Hackathon gave us a sense of how to solve real life problems in the world of work.

Do come to next years Melbourne Knowledge Week and thanks to General Assembly for the invite

Naughty Nuris

Naughty Nuris is a new Indonesian restaurant in Melbourne Central. They replaced the sushi train there. That sushi train wasn't doing so well.

Naughty Nuris have been open for a little while and they are doing so well with bloggers and foodies alike. Here their food is pricey but they do have $11.90 lunch specials and if you want a drink its $2 extra.

As it was 3pm the staff were bubbly and energetic and they were ready to serve you.

I had Mi Goreng. Normally it comes with chicken, seafood, egg, vegetables and noodles. As it is no meat May I had taken the chicken out of my Mi Goreng. I can have seafood though. Here the seafood was just alright and so was the Mi Goreng. As it is such a small one for the price of $23 I would be happy coming for lunch.

The noodles was just alright and if you wanted another egg you had to pay $1.

As I couldn't have dessert due to I Quit Sugar program I could not try the Indonesian desserts on offer. I would have liked to though.

Do come here for lunch and for Indonesian food.


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