Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mundo Lingo's 4th Birthday Party

Mundo Lingo is a language exchange group which has just started this year in Melbourne but has been operating from other countries. We recap on the successful party.
Photo by Nico Tamayo on Facebook.
RNIS was invited to their 4th Birthday party which of course is free entry. Mundo Lingo has been operating all over the world for four years now before coming to Melbourne this year. People from about 26 different countries all come together to learn a new language or two.

The one in Melbourne was started by an English guy called Luke.

Of course they had their drink specials as well as the food specials which were all $10. But I wasn't here for the food, rather the mingling. It was fun and exciting and I mingled with a few lovely Japanese people who were here on a tourist visa.

Later on there was more partying in the party room.

Many thanks to the guys at Mundo Lingo for the invite and do go to their Wednesday meetups at the European Bier Café which is always free. There is yummy $7 pizzas there.

Be Natural's new snack range

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015
RNIS received these products at Southern Cross train station

Be Natural has been around for some time now and their aim is to make healthy snacks for people on the go. So they have introduced a couple of new snacks and asked people to give these a go.

The snack bar was a bit too chocolatey for me. Sure I love chocolate but this was way too over the top for me. As a health fanatic I think this has waaay too much sugar in there to be a health bar. It was supposed to be a protein bar.

The Moroccan spiced chickpeas were really nice. If you don't like spiciness and want a healthy snack then this is good. It was light in calories as well.

If you want some nuts do pick them up at your local supermarket. Do go for the Moroccan ones if you can as they have less salt than the other nuts.

Cell Bikes and ordering online: What you need to know

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015

Riding a bike to and from uni is good for you. For one half hour trip you burn up to 190 calories. Knowing where to buy a bike comes in handy and that is where CELL BIKES comes into play.

Cell Bikes is a shop in North Fitzroy but they have an online store and you can sign up to their mailing list.

They always have some sort of sale going online and it is worth checking them out. Postage is free.

It was easy to buy stuff online as they accept all types of payments from credit card to cash and Paypal. Bikes range from $400-$2100+ .

But they don't just sell bikes. They also sell other gear such as exercise wear and bike accessories. And nutritional needs.

Image courtesy of Cell Bikes
The site was easy to use and I could find things easily such as the cost of the bike. The site was secure so I could enter my info in.

Picking it up was easy as I was not far away from their Melbourne store. The guy there was very friendly

Do check them out here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The European night market and Bottega

The European Night Market is on every Friday night and here it is all good. It was busy on this damp winter's night. It is in the city on Madame Brussels lane where the law offfices were.

It was here that a new Goz City opened and they were having a launch inside and I wasn't invited. Oh well. We did however have to wait twenty minutes for food to come in the cold.

Whilst waiting I listened to some lovely music and smelt the mulled wine.

I was thinking of getting dessert there but I thought it was too busy. So I booked Bottega on Dimmi for dessert. And I am glad I did because it was way too busy at 8pm with people enjoying a late night drink or dinner. If I didn't book there would be no table.

I did a bit of research on Zomato and found that the best desserts were the chocolate soufflé and the tiramisu. I am not a fan of coffee after 8pm so I went for the chocolate soufflé. The waiter told me it would take a while. I didn't mind that it did because it was really good. It was of Masterchef quality. I loved the dark chocolate and the mandarin peel. The flavours worked well together. However I think vanilla ice cream would work better then the coffee one. I just really wasn't a fan of the coffee and the mandarin peel. They had two contrasting flavours for me.

I am a sweets girl and Bottega did not disappoint.
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AFIS's Amazing Race

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015

AFIS has done a few Amazing race events where we had lots of fun with our teammates finding out lots about Melbourne and walking around. Here we went to eight stations (some of us only went to seven stations as we had other places to be).

It was $3 to get in but we got complimentary McDonalds burgers to start the race off with. We had not much time for lunch so I suggest packing your own. And you do need your own water bottle.

The first stop was the Botanic Gardens. This one was the hardest of all as it involed lots of walking and burning those unwanted calories.

Right near it was the Shrine of Rememberance. And the silly posing.

At Batman park it was all about food and trying out the wasabi and vegemite sandwiches. The wasabi one was so spicy but I did enjoy a snack or two.

Then it was over to Ross House for cards. This was quite challenge as we had to build a pyramid and ours kept on falling over.

Then it was over to Flagstaff gardens and Carlton Gardens for more fun.

Then it was over to Bourke St Mall and that's when I said my goodbyes. Later on I found out that I had burned 950 cals and burnt off my 600 cal burger by all that walking.

Many thanks to AFIS for having me. And do join their next one which will be sometime soon!


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