Friday, May 22, 2015

The Wheelie good party

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015
The Wheelie Good Party was on in North Melbourne today at the lovely Melrose st Village. Here there were lots of dogs and bikes and smiling kids. There were also some International students there.

One of the workshops which was run

Kombutcha tastings

I tried Short Batch's ice cream. It was really nice and the business is a push bike one which does everything by cart.

There were many classes for kids and adults alike. Here we learnt about the road rules riding a bike. Bikes have the same rules as cars on the roads, except for wearing a helmet and visability and the use of the bike lane.

It was here that I bumped into Joyce of Mel: Hot or NOT. She was there selling her Cycle Style items so do support her.

There were free smoothies by Bike N blend nd that really excited me when I read about this event. I guethat seeing as North Melbourne is a huge hub for International students I would have thought that many would have turned up. Instead it was families and young kids. But still a free event with such lovely company couldn't hurt right?

Run by the Squeaky Wheel and Good Cycle co in conjunction with the City of Melbourne this event had a great turn out and I really enjoyed myself today.

Many thanks to the Squeaky Wheel and Good Cyckle co for Organising it but it could have been better promoted via Facebook and Meld.

The Sports and Recreation expo

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015

This expo was on today at the Drill Hall and here lots of sporting clubs came- 20 to be exact. But only 30 students came and participated in the Bollywood and all.

Capoirera was my favourite one and I had a chance to play in the band. I had heaps of fun.

The aim of the expo was to showcase sporting clubs to many of the students who have never known them and win prizes such as free gym memberships. It was also a chance for them to get active. I know I will.

And it was also a chance for many students to interact with stalls and play their free games such as the shooting game that was played at the Malaysian stall

Good Beer Week opens at Beer Deluxe

Good Beer Week returns with a bang and this is RNIS's first time at this event. With over 100 events to choose from this is a great time to celebrate all things featuring beer. There is an event to cater for everyones budget.
Beer menu 

The beers were judged on quality. The festival was officially opened by the beer maestro who for the life of me cannot remember the name. We all clinked and cheered to open the festival

The music was lovely at the Festival Hub.

Veggie burger
There were free drinks in the form of beer for those who rsvped on the Good Beer Week website but we still had to pay for food. Sadly though the burger does not come with chips and the venue does not have a lot of good food specials except for the beer tasting flight with nuts $12.

Many thanks to Zilla and Brook for organising this

The Pancake Parlour

RNIS was invited by MASCA to try their short stack pancakes and they did not have to pay.

The Pancake Parlour has been around for years and they have a store in Melbourne Central. They often do a lot of specials for students and shoppers alike on Melbourne Central shopping days.

I went in there for brunch and they were pretty quiet. But after 12pm they get busy with all the movie goers looking for lunch.

This pancake parlour was clean.

Pancake Parlour specialises in short stacks but they also have other pancakes and items which are savoury.

The short stack was nice but without the maple syrup and lemon it was a little bit dry and bland. But luckily though their ice cream was really good. They used their own flour to make the pancake.

It was not too sweet which is good.

Rating: 16/20- do check out this branch.
Many thanks to MASCA for the invite

The Pancake Parlour on Urbanspoon

Soy milky with museli

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015

Soy Milky is a product by Sanitarium designed for those that can't have full cream milk. My friend bought the milk for me.

Soy milky was good but it didn't have a lot of that soy flavour. And it wasn't too sweet for me. It worked well with the museli and chia seeds

Do buy this milk if you are health concious.
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