Saturday, March 25, 2017

South Melbourne Mussel Fiesta and Greek

South Melbourne Mussel Fiesta was on this weekend and whilst entry was free, food was not and alcohol was about $5-$10 a pop. Most bowls were $10 and very small. It was a 33C degree day and most people got alcohol and other sweet fizzy drinks but I was happy with my kombucha from Happy place. This was $5 but it was healthy and sugarless. A lot of other people got smoothies.


A sleepy dog

Mussels being washed

Mussels being cooked


Wine tasting

There was no where to sit at the market as there were not enough chairs provided and I did not know until I got there. People brought their happy furry friends.

I had ordered food on Menulog for Ela Re thinking that I would be able to eat it at the market. Turns out that there is no such luck so I ate my food at the place. The place is across the road from the market. They kept calling me four times, each time I was on the tram or running.

I ordered a feta and oregano chips for $6.90 (it was a big serve, but bland). The chips were the frozen sort.

The lamb souvalaki was good but the lamb was too chewy and for $9.90, I expected better. It was overcooked.

Rating 10/20- don't bother with Ela Re but do come to South Melbourne Market. And do enjoy the mussels on offer

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Glenferrie road festival and Grilld

Glenferrie Road festival is a festival about wine, arts, crafts, food and coffee. But it is also about community with many of the gyms and community organisations taking part. In recent years I have heard that there is a waffle stall but not this year. This year they featured cakes and desserts in a jar, all of which look yummy but I can't eat it. Why you ask? It is because I'm trying to quit sugar.

So instead I take a look at all the non sugary options and there were a few except for the ones that have a lot of BBQ sauce to it. I tried Oporto's chicken and chips as they were samples and it was good. I really didn't like the sauces as they have no taste.

Getting there was no problem, there were trams, trains and the walk from Gardiners creek and Merri trail for those that are more adventurous. There wasn't any free water tank for people to refill their bottles. People had to buy their own drink which was $1-$3 and on a hot 26C day you would want to have water available.

Grilld had their beers for people to try as well as free avocado chips for those that bought a burger. So I went in and they were flat out busy. Here I had their field of dreams. I wanted to add an egg in it but the.y were flat out. And eggs cost an extra $1- $2. All the drinks they had were sweet except kombucha.
Inside Grilld 

The burger was good, but the lady's on the table beside me looked even better. It was a Mighty Melbourne.

Dog outside Lulo

Grilld had beers but I liked Lulo bar's sangria offer of $7 per cup and I was curious to try it. It is a red wine fruity drink. It is also really sweet and alcoholic just like Spain. This drink is a very popular Spanish bar drink. What I didn't know was that it has 16 grams of sugar in there.
Menu for a Japanese restaurant

Connect 4

$3 pizza slices

Another dog

On the top end of Glenferrie road there were more bars and craft stalls. Restaurants advertise their wares and promotions. Many dogs were out enjoying the fine sunshine.

Do go to next years one as this one was a lot of fun.

Grill'd - Hawthorn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ilya Frozen yoghurt

There are two stores one in South Melbourne and the other in Elsternwick. RNIS bought a Groupon for $9 to spend $15 at this place for one visit and the other visit they paid for it themselves

Here not only do they do froyos, the South Melbourne store has salads and other raw and vegan desserts. Plus they use stevia which is a sweetener for those health addicts. They use real fruit and the less sweetened pearls unlike the bubble tea places in the city.
Front counter 



Both the times the service has been friendly. But the second time, the waitress did not smile. In fact she wasn't that friendly.

The Chia dessert was good, it was not too sweet and was light and refreshing. However I did add cacao in there. All the mango was down the bottom. It worked a treat with the kombucha. For those that don't know what it is, it is a less sweetened soft/fruit drink with all the fizz. This is the trend with all the health professionals.

Do read the other review on this place too.
Ilya Health Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Il Mio Pasta

Il Mio pasta is in a new food court in the city and like Charlie said was pretty average. I bought the Groupon before Charlie reviewed it, so had some high hopes.

The city is getting a few new places each week. Il Mio has been opened for two months and they were busy at 1:50pm but by 2pm they were dead quiet. One guy did not finish his pasta.

The chef frowned and looked like she didn't want to be there.

Their pasta is homemade and I loved the look of the green pasta.

They don't have their liquor license yet and someone said that they were open until 10pm in the evening. Hmm I wonder why the Groupon is only valid until 3pm? People come afterwards for snacks and coffee and maybe tea.

I had their Aglio E Olio with spaghetti and it was pretty bland. Vapiano's one is amazing and it has a lot of flavour to it. Even this was a small size for $12. I had to add vegetables and sundried tomatoes in there for an extra $2 and the Groupon does not cover this charge. RIPOFF!!!.

The pasta as al dente and there was no chilli in this :(. 

Rating: 10/20- nowhere near as close to Vapiano. Vapiano have better service better food and they can deal with crowds. They too have homemade pasta but theirs is a lot better
Il Mio Pasta Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina

RNIS was invited here by Tazio. All thoughts are their own and they did not have to pay
At the bar

This place is a real pizzeria with family friendly prices for those that live in the city. The place is on Flinders Lane near Spring st and they have a lovely function room as well as an old TV which Ray the functions manager tried to work. He couldn't. Ray was a lovely guy who loves his people

Tazio is all about the people. Here the service was very friendly and the portions really big. Because I'm quitting all types of added sugar I didn't have the dessert. But my friend did and he enjoyed it. He also enjoyed two big glasses of coke.

Aperol  Spritz
I really did enjoy my Aperol Spritz. Aperol Spritz is an Italian drink and Tazio does them quite well. I enjoyed it with the croquettes (which we had three). I also enjoyed the garlic pizza but got garlic breath. It was very garlicky.

But the pasta was very basic and they only had a limited menu. If they had Aglio E Olio with spaghetti then I might have enjoyed some good pasta.  But with the anchovies in it, it was a hit.

The pizza was not big but we enjoyed it. It would have been better with a pint of beer but my friend doesn't drink much. For me it is ok to have one just to try.

Rating: 14/20- good but needs a bit of improvement if they want to compete with some of the other places.

Do come by as they are in the Entertainment book for 25% off the total bill and you'll love their food and drink. And you can buy the book off us as we are supporting the Salvation Army in their fight to end homelessness.

Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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