Friday, December 19, 2014

Sydney was under siege

 RNIS is deeply saddened by the events this week in Sydney and they would like to give praise to the police and government for intervening in this difficult time.

On Monday the 15th of December, the ever so popular Martin Place was under siege by a lone person. A lot of train and bus services were disrupted and people were evacuated from the CBD in Sydney. This is a time where students should be happy that they have finished uni for the year or in some cases are graduating,

The siege happened at 9am in Lindt cafĂ© where an Arabic sign was placed against the window by the hostages. Police were soon outside the building.  Pandemonium ensured and some International students were scared

On Tuesday morning at 2:45am all the hostages were freed, but two were dead along with the gunman. Our condolences go out to the victims.

On that same morning Martin Place was reopened.

Tony Abbott the prime minister urged everyone to stay calm and the police are doing everything they can to keep people safe. He also said that "Australia is a safe, generous and open place". We also remind students to stay calm and like CISA we also believe in unity not racism.

Like CISA we are saddened for the people that died and all the other victims.

Seven Individuals- a movie by Yang Fudong

As a part of China close up, ACMI had decided to host a free film for all. It was a five and a half hour long one and many people came and gone. RNIS stayed for almost the whole film. They however had other commitments on in part 3 so they couldn't stay.

The film is broken up into five parts; the first one being the introduction at the mountains, the second one is about love in the city (note this is the only one with the speeches between people), the third one (we were not here for that), the fourth one (71 mins) was in a rural part of China near the beach (it was about communism and working hard) and the fifth and final one was in the city again, this time with foreign dancing and wine.

We decided on four themes of the film.
Love: This was portrayed in the second part of the film. And then it was also portrayed in the last part of the film where they were dancing.

Nakedness: It was portrayed in all five parts of the film with the dressing in the opening part. The actors pretty much wore the same clothes throughout.
We loved seeing these naked bodies having sex. It reminded us of "Lust and Caution" which is an Ang Lee film and uses this sort of thing.

Cultural things
The fourth part goes into a lot of detail about rural life in China where people worked very very very hard. We were squeamish when they were cutting out the squid's guts but we did not mind when they were hanging these to dry.

The fifth part was all about the food which the Chinese love a lot of. That and wine and being so drunk that they all fell asleep.

We loved the dancing throughout the movie.

The use of nature
Yang Fudong portrays China's nature very well. From the mountains to the city we can see it all through his eyes and wonderful photography. We also noticed that he uses a lot of water throughout for good feng shui.

We can see why he won a few awards for his films in America and do go and check out his exhibition at ACMI. It is on from now until the 15th of March and it is free.

Christmas present guide- where to go

So are you stuck on some ideas of what to get someone for Christmas? Don't want to buy them a gift voucher? These are our picks.

The markets
This is where you can find some cool and quirky things for a bargain. You'll be supporting local businesses and artists. Like we bought the cannister of tea from Paris to Provence festival for $5. We bought the chickpeas ($5) from Flemington markets.

Does your friend love wine and cheeses? Or they more of a chocolate person
Blender lane artists markets have artworks for sale.

Restaurants and cafes
Some of these places have their own sauces and stuff. For example we love La Tortilleria's stuff where they have $8 tortilla sheets and $9 bottles of sauce.

Lindt this year has a Groupon deal for their chocolates.

Department stores
Deaprtment stores like Myer, HM, Uniqlo and Target have a lot of good quality things for cheap. Clothes is really hard to buy for someone unless you know their taste really well. But you can buy books and other things in there. Or if your friends are also studying in Melbourne you could buy them something useful for the house or lifestyle.

Is your friend/family member graduating this year? If so you could buy them memorabilia from your campus store.

Or you could buy them a soveneir from Melbourne from the ACMI shop as they have a range of gifts about Melbourne.

Where's your favourite gift store?

Hanoi Hannah

Hanoi Hannah has been raved on about for its good food so it probably does not need much of an introduction. Except that it is a really good bar with a good cocktail and drink selection. All the locals love the gem.

It is right off Chapel st in Prahran and its about a twenty minute tram ride. They have outdoor and indoor seating and it is lovely to relax outside in the sun. It was also fun watching the barman do his thing and the coconuts being cut.

The service was a little bit of a letdown. The lady that served me did not smile and seemed snobbish. I know it was after 12:30pm and just after they opened, but that's no reason to be snobby.

But the food was all good and they have some lighter, vegetarian options such as rice paper rolls and salads which are perfect on this day.

I had their vegetarian rice paper rolls ($5.50 for 2) and their crispy tofu with vermicelli and salad ($12.50). Am trying to be healthy these days

I loved their rice paper rolls as they were fresh and tofu was just perfect but I wasn't a huge fan of vermicelli salad with tofu. It had too much sauce in there. So much that I couldn't taste anything else. They gave me sauce for the crispy tofu but I didn't really need it as there was sauce down the bottom and I was happy just trying out their authentic chilli sauce which I have to say was good.

Rating: 13/20- great rice paper rolls and drink selection. Not too sure that I would try their vermicelli salad though but I would love to give their pho a try seeing as I saw one guy's attractive bowl of pho.
Hanoi Hannah on Urbanspoon

Ikea Family card and why you should sign up for it

RNIS had just recently signed up for their free IKEA card. The IKEA card has been around for a while and it has huge amounts of savings. They signed up after Leandro said it was good and entitles students to cheap furniture and other things. And ideas.

IKEA is a furniture store in Richmond and Springvale.

1) Free hot drinks
Its from Monday to Friday at the IKEA restaurant. Normally its about $2-$3 per mug

2)Cheap discounted meals

Under $5 or for very big combos, under $15.

3) Free magazine
This gets sent in the mail once a while and its got all the decorating ideas.

4) Special invites to member events

Ikea has quite a few workshops which are only for members.

5)Free insurance and returns on any furniture items.
So if something does go wrong then you'll have peace of mind.

6) Other specials on things like furniture. Such as the one below which will help you save money.

Oh and another thing: It's free to sign up and your card will come in the mail within four weeks.

So what are you waiting for? Do sign up now in store

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