Sunday, January 14, 2018

Seoul Seoul

Seoul Seoul is a place in Victoria st Richmond. I had a hankering for going there from not having been there for a while. Marathon training has eaten most of my time last year.

Victoria st has changed a lot. Here Vintage cellars used to be there and then there are more Westernized places opening up.

But it has always been the home of the Vietnamese and it will stay that way.

Here I had the bibimbab and it was all good but a little bit too bland for me. It was vegetarian. Even the lady at the other table said that hers was bland too.

I might give the Dosirock a try though another day.

The Imperial Hotel

RNIS received a free Good Food gift card, but they bought their own drinks.

The Imperial Hotel is in the city on the Parliament end. It was the end of the year and I invited kristian.barker to join me. He was yet to receive a present from me.

Here they were quite busy and it was quite some time before we got a table. They take the Entertainment book voucher.

Here food is really big. Kristian had two glasses of coke and I had two different types of beer. One was from Little Creatures and the other one was a City lager. The City lager tasted like weed as it was bitter. Kristian did not like this and after one sip he decided no more. As for my non-alcoholic, it was water.

We both had burgers and mine was vegetarian as promised to Healthy International students. This worked well with the Little Creatures Original Pilsner beer. I had been to Little Creatures before so I knew that this would work well with a burger. My vegetarian one had a hash brown in it which I thought was odd. Other than that I really enjoyed it. The chips were the frozen sort but they worked well with the HSP sauce.

Kristian enjoyed his burger and complimented me online. And he said thanks.

Do come here for good food.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gyoza Gyoza in Melbourne Central

Gyoza Gyoza has opened up in Melbourne Central and when they had the $10 discount voucher I wanted to try the place.

I have had good food in the other Gyoza Gyoza stores so I had wanted to see. The other Gyoza Gyoza did not charge me $3.50 for pink ginger and they gave me a small pink ginger and not a big bowl.

The udon for $6.80 was small and alright. I prefer Emporium's one though.

They had a special of 5 Gyoza for $4.80 which is not too bad. Like the other place, they give out all the ginger sauce etc. But they forgot to let me choose which sauce.

The seaweed salad was nothing special. It was store bought. I needed my greens and irons to balance out the meal.

But the miso for $2.50 was very salty though. The one I get at Emporium is much better and less salty.  Its like they put too much miso stock in there.

The Agedashi tofu did wow me though. Here they were in cubes and they didn't use a lot of sauce though. It was freshly fried the way it should.

The oysters in yuzu sauce were fresh but they had too much sauce on them. The sauce drowned out the flavour. But I loved the tang from the yuzu.

Rating: 12/20-  overall disappointing. I hope that they can improve within time. 

O'Connell's Hotel

RNIS was invited by Dimmi to spend $20 and they paid the rest themselves.

The O'Connell's Hotel is in South Melbourne and it's behind the South Melbourne Market. It took us a while to find and we did a run around it earlier so that we were not late. During my first year of the marathon, I learned that coming on time to everything is important. And it's not too late or too early.

The O'Connell's Hotel is like being in the tramcar restaurant. It has that fine dining feel to it. Here they have a huge wine list and a lot of good wines. I sampled a couple whilst there.

They do cater for functions and they have a lovely area outside.

To start off with I had the granita oyster ($4.5). Here they were really lemony and small and they had that lemony tang to it.

The complimentary bread was freshly baked and I really enjoyed the creaminess of the butter.

Then the main which is gnocchi ($22) was very cheesy and I liked it. Here they had a bit of kale in there to give it that crunch. The mint was very lovely in there.

And of course, to finish off I had the basil ice cream ($4.50). Here it was very minty and full of goodness. It was not too sweet.

Do come by O'Connell's Hotel when you want to celebrate something special. Oh and happy new year!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Arabasque cafe

This cafe is a little place on Elizabeth St near RMIT Carlton Campus. I had walked by it a few times and saw that they were always empty. I had always wanted to try but from the outside, they looked more like a Shisha bar.

That is until I went in and found that they were a friendly and very homely cafe.

 The owner told me that they were busy at night as they are also a Shisha bar.

The service was very friendly and the prices here are student friendly. For a start, they don't charge any more than $13 for a standard breakfast with lots of food. Normally in the city, it is $20-$22. And that's without coffee.

They mainly are a vegetarian place but they have just a few meat dishes.

Here their food is really healthy and Jordanian style. I never had this style of food before so I cannot comment much. I had the Jordanian style eggs which come with hummus and pita bread. And there are lots of bread in their freezer out the back. I loved the Jordanian eggs as it was so healthy. And that hummus is just like the way that my mum would make this at home with all the good fats.

The long black was just ok, but I loved the little sampler of chocolate bread for $1. It melted in the mouth and was not too sweet.

I would recommend this place to my students and any International students who live in Melbourne.


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