Saturday, February 18, 2017

El Rincon

El Rincon is a Spnaish place in Queen Victoria Market. It has been opened for a few months now and already they are starting to see customers in the late afternoon. Here most people love a drink and free tapas.

I had heard good things from Gastrology bloggers about them and so wanted to give them a go. And give them a go I did. The manager and the wait staff seemed very friendly to their customers so I recommend my readers give them a go. And they seemed to know Spanish cuisine.

Here I had their egg omelette with chorizo, mushrooms and olive bread. There was salami in this and they must have run out of chorizo. But at least the eggs were good and the olive bread was just divine. It was moist and not too hard to cut.

The mushrooms were good and they had a little dash of extra virgin olive oil in them. I love Olive oil as it is good for your health

And unlike what some other bloggers say about the food sizes, this was a huge plate for $15.

Rating: 15/20- I really don't know what Penguin eats and other bloggers were on about. I wish that I was invited to try their dinner service with wine.

I would have liked to have tried the Spanish sweets but seeing as I am doing Febfast I cannot have any sweets.

Pho Cycle

Pho Cycle is one of the better places in South Melbourne. Here they renowned for their pho and some people took to Zomato to express their disgruntlement. They were on the quieter side for a Wednesday night and I was in the mood for some vegetarian pho.

 They had run out of sweet potato fries so they let everyone know that before ordering which is good. They have a limited menu and they don't do much dessert. Only tapioca pudding which is $10.

The bathrooms are out the back and past the kitchen. Whilst going there I passed a lovely arrangement of beer bottles. I thought this was cool.

The service here was friendly but slow. But at least I could smell my pho being made in the kitchen. Unlike what the guy said three weeks ago about his pho being salty after it was delivered, mine was not. Mine was the huge size for $12 which is good value for money.

It didn't have a lot of tofu in there, rather it had a lot of vegetables, spring onion and rice noodles. Lots of rice noodles is good for a runner like me. But too much soup is not. I couldn't finish all. I also enjoyed the pickled chilli in my soup. The other chilli was way too hot for me.

Rating: 14/20- the service has a lot left to be desired sometimes, but better pho than other places.

Pride March

Every year at the end of Midsumma there is a Pride March and it is free for all to attend. Here the marchers wait for a long while at the oval at Lakeside drive until it is their turn to march. And then they march down Fitzroy st to Catani Gardens where entertainment and food await them.

I went this year with RUSU Queer Department on a perfect day. It was not too hot and not too cold. Heaps of people turned up to this free event, hence all the trams going back into the city from there were packed. And some people waited for hours in bars.

Hence I decided to run the 7km back into the city after it ended.

Every year it is fun to go and say hi to the crowd as you pass them. For me that was yelping and cheering.

But every year the lines are long for the bathrooms and the food. That is why I never bothered with the food. As for the drink wristband, last time in Alexandra Gardens it was 6pm and they never bothered checking anyone's ID. This time around  they did and it was a huge queue for it.

Do go next years one if you are a uni student or work for one of the LGBTI groups as to which there are many. SEEK had a ball with their balls.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jasper Hotel

RNIS did not have to pay for their meals or drinks at the Jasper Hotel as Entertainment publications paid for this.

This year we are raising money for the Salvation Army. This is because there are so many people who are homeless and in light of the Lord Mayor's plan to get rid of them the Salvos are at a breaking point. They try to help but either they have lack of resources or people refused the help.

Here the Jasper Hotel has received many good blog posts. Some of which are from Eat and be merry and Gastrology.

Here we both had sparkling water and I could not have any sweet things due to Febfast as I am supposed to be quitting sweets for a month.

But however I had a filling cheese okomiyaki for $8.9. Here it looked small but filling due to all that cheese on the top.

Many thanks to Entertainment publications for the invite and do buy the Entertainment book when the new version is released in April as they have 25%, 50% off and 2-for-1 offers. The book is $70 but they have a lot of offers which expire in June 2018. You can also buy the app for the same price.
Oko on Jasper Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Lane Restaurant

Lane Restaurant is in the Novotel hotel and its part of the Accor group. They do breakfast buffet as well as a la carte brunch, lunch and dinner. Here it was quiet at 11:50am when I came as they had just finished breakfast. Moreover the staff were really slow at taking my order and giving it. It took them five minutes to take my order and 25 mins to wait for a salmon bagel with scrambled eggs.

Dining area


They must have had a lot of room service orders and there was a big conference going on next door so they might have had to cater to that.

But the salmon bagel was not worth the hefty price tag of $19. Still the salmon was fresh and the bagel was good. And because of the wait the side of eggs and juices were free. The scrambled eggs was just ok.

The next time I come it will be for a drink only unless I want to wait ages. At least the guys were friendly and the place was clean.
Lane Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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