Saturday, November 22, 2014


RNIS did not have to pay for their mains and drinks as it was part of the Good Food Month at Southgate which they were invited by Fuller PR.
As part of Good Food Month

Artusi is a Italian restaurant in the heart of Southgate shopping centre. About 10 other bloggers loved it for its relaxed, lovely service.

Here the atmosphere was rather calm and the lady that dealt with us forgot that we had a booking. Luckily though one of us had the email to show them.

The good food main we will talk about in the other post. This one is just about the entrée that we had as well as the free bread. We weren't offered them by the restaurant but we sampled an Italian bread called Tagelle which can be filled or unfilled, octopus caparcchio which just made me go wow and the wood mushrooms with the cheese on top.
Bread (left), wood baked mushrooms (middle) and octopus (right)

All of it took time to make but it was very worthwhile and its better to have a long lunch here rather than an express.

The octopus was rather salty. In fact it was a little too salty for my liking as this overpowered the flavours of the octopus. I could taste the freshness of this.

The bread was freshly baked and it was just gorgeous as plain bread which complimented the octopus and the mushrooms well. The mushrooms were fresh and I loved the cheese on top.

To find out more about the mains that we were offered click here.


Becasse is a popular bakery in Sydney. So popular that they are now in Melbourne.
They are a French place, serving fancy French food and coffee. I had walked by it a few times and had always wanted to try.

But I was surprised that they were really quiet at 11am. I was expecting it to be busy seeing as it gained a lot of popularity in Sydney.

I have to agree with the other reviewers though on Urbanspoon saying that the service was slow. It was. And the other staff were too busy trying out their food creations. Not that I minded though seeing as it was busy.

I was served by a French waitress who I think is possibly a uni student. She did look a little sad, even though she was pleasant in asking me how everything went.

My apple crumble ($6.50 for this lovely looking creation) was a little too sweet for my liking. I couldn't really taste much of the apple though as the sweetness overpowered the taste by a lot.

My short black ($3.50) was served in a really cute cup and I enjoyed it as it was done the French way.

Rating: 12.5/20 love it, but they should sort their teething problems out. I know they are just fairly new.

Bécasse on Urbanspoon

Amarok Bar and Restaurant

Partial invite and partly not (RNIS paid for their own entrees)
As part of Good Food Month

Amarok Bar and Restaurant is in Southgate Shopping centre and it shares with the Chill on ice bar. They are open for lunch and dinner each day.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly. But the service was really slow. In fact a little too slow. But they let us sit where we like. They just opened in July this year so are still trying to find their feet. The manager was a lovely guy.

For starters we had the house made dips with bread ($9), the salt and pepper calamari ($10) and the kumera chips ($8). I have never had Kumera before so I was interested in trying. Loved it.

Also we loved the bread which was nice and warm and was two types- one flat and the other one was puffy. There was enough for all of us. The dips were well received.

Their speciality dish was a North American tuna with a peach salad. The dressing was a raspberry coulis. The salad has onions in it as well as Australian parsley to give it that crunch. This would make a lovely light lunch or a very late dinner for someone who wants to lose some weight.

The tuna was lovely and it was not too dry. It did however have too many bones in there. But I suppose they could not help this.
Rating: 16/20 do stay in the game.

Amarok Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Johnston st Fiesta

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015.

This was a two day fiesta starting at 12pm and going until 9pm. It was to celebrate Spanish culture in Melbourne and hence all the Spanish students went to this. There were also some Asians and Australians as well.

There was limited parking in the surrounding streets and Brunswick street. Hence many people took the tram there. Both tram number 96 and 112 serviced the area.


Crème Brulee

Spanish BBQ

Some sort of Spanih drink that is not Sangaria


Chocolate dipped strawberries

A jewellery stall
Pratas Bhravas (some sort of Spanish potato dish)


There was heaps and heaps of food there making me hungry. But I just had lunch so I was happy just to participate in the dancing. I was trying to do lots and lots of exercise and enjoying myself. At one end we learnt Cuban and the Salsa. It was so easy.

At the other end it was a concert featuring Bollywood and other types of dancing.

You don't need food and drink to enjoy yourself at the Festival. I was just happy dancing and seeing/patting lots of dogs.

Dancing and a good taste in music is all you need to enjoy yourself at this festival. And a good sense of rythym to dance the night away.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Shyun Ramen Bar

Shyun Ramen Bar opened on the 23rd of May, but they had their soft opening yesterday and I was invited to take part.

This place is in Carnegie and its the little sister of Shyun in itself. So I was expecting good things. The place is very small and it was packed full of people. Hence no photo of the interior.

Here they had $5 ramen (your choice of pork or chicken) and gyoza. The gyoza ($3.50) fell apart- it was vegetarian of course. It was overcooked.

The ramen was just right. The miso broth had the right amount of saltiness. But they were stingy on the egg. I would have preferred two halves. They were also a tad bit stingy on the other ingredients such as corn and seafood.

But I heard from other bloggers as time went on they got better. And the service was fast and friendly.
Shyun Ramen Bar on Urbanspoon
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