Friday, September 12, 2014

The Victorian Education Awards for 2014

RNIS was invited to these awards by the City of Melbourne

 These awards were held in Parliament house which is opposite the Parliament station. Here we were treated to food and also hearing the awards in which Deakin won many. They won the award for best uni and the one for the best student services. Other providers that won were Monash uni. RMIT was nominated but did not win anything. The Computing society won an award.

For students who won they get a $10,000 scholarsip which goes towards their study for next year.

Networking session
One of the tips that we got during this session for a first year student is to get out there and network. Also another tip is to volunteer with others as that will help you to make some local friends as well get you some references. These days employers are looking for these and most people recognize volunteering.
Lemon tart

Rocky road


Starting a blog is a great way to help your fellow prospective students as many students are always asking about what it's like living in Melbourne. Meld Magazine has won the award for best coverage, in that respect.

Aun from Meld said that his favourite cheap eats is in Chinatown.

The winners are:
2014 International Education Award Winners
Premier’s Award
International Education Provider of the Year
Deakin University
Premier’s Award
International Student of the Year
Mr Harriyadi Irawan, Indonesia (William Angliss Institute of TAFE)
Excellence in International Education
Excellence in International Education
Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT)
Excellence in International Education
Private Education & Training
Holmes Institute
The Australian Ballet School (Highly Commended)
Excellence in International Education
English Language Training
Impact English
Excellence in International Education
Student Employability and Career Development
Deakin University (Joint Winner)
William Angliss Institute (Joint Winner)
Excellence in International Student Experience
Meld Magazine
Excellence in Innovation in Research Partnerships
Monash University
The University of Melbourne (Highly Commended)
Excellence in Innovation in Industry Partnerships
The University of Melbourne
Australian Computer Society (Highly Commended)
Mint Group

International Student of the Year
Mr Bartlomiej Kolodziejczyk, Poland (Monash University)
International Student of the Year
Higher Education
Ms Yuanbin Wei, China (Monash University
International Student of the Year
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Mr Harriyadi Irawan, Indonesia (William Angliss Institute of TAFE)
International Student of the Year
English Language Training
Mr Rafael Barty Dextro, Brazil

The Bread Shop at QVM

The Bread Shop at QVM has been around for a while and they do really great breads. I usually buy my bagels from there.

The guy that runs the place is friendly. They are a cash only place

The bagels there are $1.20 each and the muffins looked amazing that day.  The muffins are $3.50 each.And it was amazing. It was moist and lovely to eat.

I also buy Turkish bread from here.
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MSFW: Round She goes

Round She Goes was a free market in Drill Hall at the Multicultural Hub for the duration of the Melbourne Spring fashion week.  Like the Box Hill one it is all about fashion and vintage jewellery and clothing.

All the stuff there is reasonably priced from as little as $5 to $99. Shoes were $15 for a good pair of heels.

How gorgeous is this vase

Handmade, vintage broches

At the Melbourne Spring fashion festival shoppers can get a free coffee if they sign up to Round she goes newsletter. The Hot Chocolate I had was spectacular.

You can take selfies on the red carpet and upload it to Instagram for more hot chocolate fun.
I would have taken more photos but some of the stallholders didn't allow photo taking.
The next Round she goes market is at Box Hill on the 7th of December.

Franchising expo

RNIS was invited to the event by the Franchise Council of Australia

The Franchising expo was on last month and we went to this as there is a lot of scope for a Postgrad student to own their own business. Postgraduate students can work full time whilst studying.

Bing Boy, United, Chattime and other franchises were there. We got to sample Bing Boy's offerings, taking away one free bing voucher. Bing Boy would be great for a student as they are on the lookout for more franchises and the lifestyle is great

A franchise is a rapid way of selling goods and services. There are a few aspects to owning a franchise that students need to know.

Perks of owning your own franchise
There are a few things such as support, training and guidance, brand recognition, control and the freedom to start again. You don't need a lot of experience to own a franchise, you just need the ideas and the motivation to get going.

 "What can I do?" is something that you need to think about. "What can I bring to the franchise?"
You need to be a positive person that is open to change at any moment. You need motivation and you need to be able to manage a team. Communication is a must

You must be open to any negative feedback. 90% of the time this is genuine. You must be honest. Everyone makes mistakes.But it is what you do to rectify these

Organization is a must. You must have good work/lifestyle balance. You must be able to put in 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week

You have to work hard, your franchise does not make money for you. You are responsible for your own money.

Legal stuff
There are some things which has to be done before you officially open.
You have to have meetings with the franchisor. The franchisor has to give you a contract.
The franchisor needs to give you a disclosure statement saying what the costs are in renting, supplies etc.

Once you start the job you must pay all workers properly as well as giving them rest breaks and other allowances as deemed by Fair work.

Do your research
Make sure that you talk to current franchise owners of the same franchise that you are going into. Do go and look at ASIC's site to make sure that the franchisor is of good character.

Make sure that you consider the day to day costs of running a franchise-hiring staff, advertising, rent etc. Can you afford it? Your accountant will help you work all this out. The accountant will help you to set up the business and with the fees. Your accountant needs to be qualified with the CPA and needs to be one that specialises in franchising.

There are risks involved in owning a franchise.  A business fail has many consequences so its a great idea to do your homework before you start. And establish yourself properly.

Thanks to the Franchise council for inviting us.

MSFW: The Hub

MSFW had a free HUB in City Square where fashionistas can hang and receive the latest beauty and fashion advice from the leading experts in beauty.

There were a few stalls there promoting their wares.

The Bar
It was a lovely place to hang out in between fashion shows. Here patrons can enjoy a glass of vino or two or a San Pellengrino.

Free giveaways courtesy of Bluesky.

All you had to do was to upload a picture of the MSFW HUB to Instagram and tag #shopbluesky in it to win. For every entrant Bluesky gave away a free goodie bag with socks, a magazine, water and other goodies.

We also got other goodies from Mecca Maxima

Free Runways
 All the cool fashions came to town that week. Such as Lulamon and TS14+. We didn't have a lot of time to see the free runaways and we went to the one in Town Hall which was more exciting as they had a story to tell.

They were on at 12:30pm and 5:30pm in the times which we were not free.

 Do come again next year and for the new International students that just arrived there is a Spring fashion festival every year in Melbourne.

KWAVE is back for 2014

KWAVE is back and I heard it was better than ever.

Yesterday RNIS went on this lovely sunny day. It was held at Federation Square where it was a battle between the different fan groups. People were asked to sign up on stage and their names were drawn at random.

MC's DK and MK were lovely and they really engaged with the audience. They also asked a few questions of the K-Pop groups.

K-Pop is a contemporary style of dance which is sexy and really sharp sometimes. The performances up there were spectacular. We can never dance as well as these groups. Some of their costumes were really cool and reminded me of the US.

Everyone screamed when they saw Eric Nam on the screens. I read from Meld's lovely write up of the event a few days ago that he is a really popular superstar in Korea. I really hope he comes on to X-factor soon as that would be really cool. He is an American/Korean singer who debuted via Youtube and he just released an album.

There was a Meet and Greet with him but you had to pay money. All the tickets were sold out within 24 hours, but for those that missed out there was a lucky draw in one of the $10 showbags.

There was only one game where it was $2, but the focus was really on music and that's where it lay.
Cooking the skewers which smelt so good

Koba's food display- FOODGASM here

My tofu skewer

Plum drink

More foodgasms


Korean drinks
The desserts on offer

Korean dumplings

There was also Korean food for those that were really hungry but the portions were not big. In fact they were rather small. Luckily we had lunch somewhere else. It was $5 for one tiny skewer at Koba or 3 for $10 at Hoa Pinoy. La Petite Creperie were there and their crepes were $8-$10. We remembered when they were $7. Warra warra was also there selling $8-$10 meals which were the only reasonably priced thing. That and the dumplings. Gong cha only had milk tea and they ran out of pearls early on.

The K-Pop was really really busy from early on. This is where they had all the merchandise and hats were $15 each.
Promotion for a makeup workshop

Business card

Many thanks to SQ Entertainment for organising this event. Do rock on to next years one if they have.

Girl with the Gris gris

Girl with the Gris Gris is a New Orleans diner which is opened at Ding Dong Lounge which is a cool bar. Ding Dong Lounge has great drinks and a great bar. The waitress had a lot of fun doing her thing. They have a huge wine list of about 5 pages. The lighting is cool but not so good on the pictures.

Ding Dong Lounge has live entertainment from 9pm each night. The Girl with the Gris Gris is opened just for dinner.

Run by the American Chris Weysham this place has been opened for about a month. Before it used to be just a drinks bar. Not many people know that it now serves Cajun and Creole cuisine from New Orleans. Not many people knows that it serves gumbo and PO boys for dinner.

The service there was lovely. All the food came out quickly. My waitress was lovely in explaining the food to me and the big table of 10 people all wanting dinner.

Dinner is not too expensive with appetizers and snacks from under $10. Here I had their onion rings with their lovely sauce for $8 and their soup special of chilli and bacon soup for $6. You can opt for a bowl but I wanted to leave some room for the Po Boy ($12) and their bread and butter dessert (complimentary). The chilli soup wasn't too spicy so non chilli lovers will enjoy this with the sour cream inside.

The onion rings were lovely. They did not have a lot of batter on them and were made freshly.

The Eggplant Po Boy was fun to eat but messy. They do have meat Po Boy but I was intrigued to try the veggie one. The eggplant was really flavorsome. I couldn't really taste the tomato in there though.

By that stage I was really full. So I waited a little while to try their lovely Bread and Butter pudding. It did not disappoint at all.  The pudding was rich, buttery and decadent.

So do get your Po Boy and Gumbo on and come to this place pronto for a New Orleans dinner with drinks and entertainment.
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