Saturday, October 21, 2017

Igg restaurant and bar

RNIS was invited here by Healthyintstudents site, who bought them a Groupon to use.

Igg Buffet Restaurant and bar is in Docklands where it is quiet these days except for a few noisy pubs with functions going on.

Here there were not many tables occupied on a Friday evening when they say that you have to book ahead. With booking ahead, I would have thought that there would be more tables occupied. Perhaps it is latest nasty reviews on Zomato that turned people away?

Needless to say the manager was rather nice and friendly. But at 7pm they were cleaning the restaurant with punters still eating there. They should wait until all the punters have left. But they do gift vouchers, so if you want to get someone that Christmas present you can.


More canapes



Seaweed salad


Mini egg tart


More cakes

The Groupon that Healthyinternationalstudents bought for us is $58 and it includes the all you can eat buffet and your choice of shiraz or soft drink. The deal said your choice of wine and so I thought "great I'll have a white wine please!".

The salads were pretty good. They were fresh and I enjoyed the pasta salad very much. Same as the olives which were divine.

And seeing as they are a seafood place, the big mussels were a little bit undercooked. It was hard to get all the meat out of the shell as it would not budge. The oysters were good but some sauces to go with the oysters would be right. Oh and also the right wine (not shiraz) would work best with seafood and that is white wine.

The sushi was freshly made and the chef does it and there is a little sushi train that is right next to the salads. I enjoyed the squid nigiri very much. The wagyu was a bit chewy.

The hot foods were really bad. They were lukewarm. But I did enjoy the deep fried bun,

I loved that little piece of cheese and apricots. It was yum.

Then the desserts were the highlight of the evening. I enjoyed the strawberry mousse, mini egg tart and the mini cakes. They were not too sweet for me.

Do buy the Groupon if you love your seafood and I would love to come back to try the crab and the other seafood things. And try another wine.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Carosello is a little Italian place in Moonee Ponds right outside the train station. Here they can be quite busy but I went on a night where there were no trains about (replacement buses due to works). Hence I didn't have to put up with all the noise and the boom gates.

Here they are a family friendly pizza place. The last time I heard of it was on Eat and be Merry blog. Here they said that the food is quite good. But Penguineats didn't like it. I have to disagree with them.

The service here was friendly and the waiter was attentive. The food here sure looks good.

The bathrooms are at the back. They are clean and welcoming.

There is outdoor seating.

I got the Brescola pizza ($25) which is quite thin. Being a late night dinner this was a perfect serve. Here the pizza was so thin that it was soggy.

But I loved the fig sauce as it took away some of the saltiness of the brescola.

I would come for a drink and pizza as this is such a nice place to go to.

Jack Daniel's inspired dinner at TGI Friday

Sponsored by Healthyinternational student site who asked us to help promote their book. They are raising money for the Salvation Army who need the funds for the homeless.

Everyday more and more people turn to the streets for many reasons, one being financial.

TGI Friday's have a 50% off the main discount. That is if you buy the book off us. And if you buy there might also be a $20 iTunes gift card for you thrown in for good measure.

There are two TGI Friday's in the city but I went to the one in Southbank. This one is much more open and inviting in terms of atmosphere. Here you can watch the NRL or footy on their live screens and enjoy the many specials by the bar.

TGI Friday's are known for their Jack Daniel's dishes and other Amercian foods. Think buffalo wings or the Jack Daniel's sampler plate. But they have a great range of artisanal burgers. I wanted to try the Jack Daniel's beef brisket burger. It comes with a side of chips and the classic Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce which is sweet. It's a pity that TGI Friday's don't sell the actual product and if they do good for them.

To offset all that sweetness I went for a Jack Daniel's inspired drink and that is bourbon and coke which was very strong in taste. The bartender knew what he was doing.

Do buy the Entertainment book here and you'll support their charity which is the Salvation Army.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bay City Burrito in Hawthorn

Both times were invites. One was from Entertainment book and the Burrito and Blankets event was by Bay City themselves.

Bay City Burrito was just in St Kilda but now there are two branches. There is one in St Kilda and the other one is in Hawthorn.

Here they pride themselves on good Mexican food and there are chips for all to try. I really liked their homemade chips which is on the pass behind the counter.

The bathrooms are outside but they are hard to find as they are in some alleyway. In the end if I need to go to the bathroom, I use Rococo's which is just across the road.

The customer service team is very friendly and the guy was always smiling. Here the guy was so helpful on Sunday to my friend who thought that his meal should be free.

But we've always liked the burritos as they are big for the price paid which is $17/$18. Here they have a lot of filling and I enjoyed my fish one on Sunday. The pineapple gave it that sweetness. And the Mexican beer enhanced the flavour of Mexico and reminded me of going to the beach. It had that southern California feel to it.

The vegetarian one that I had for the Blankets and Burritos event for the homeless was yum. I enjoyed the guacamole and the free chips too.

Do buy the Entertainment book and support the homeless in their mission to a better life. I have and its only $70 per year for thousands of offers. You can do that here.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good Luck Tea House

I got the $25 Scoopon which entitled me to spend $50 in store. But I also spent $12 of my own on another glass of wine and spring onion pancake.

Good Luck Tea House is on busy Chapel st and you would expect it to be busy with people as Chapel st is always busy, no matter what day or time it is. But Good Luck was really quiet tonight despite their Scoopon being popular. Their Facebook and Instagram are not popular and there are not many people visiting. In fact, someone said on Zomato that the food was bad.

Well, I digress. It was neither good or bad. Well, their signature Good Luck dumpling dish of 12 took a while to come and it was $28. Here the vegetarian, prawn and shark fin were cooked well. The siumai was a little bit undercooked as it was still pink. The Shanghai duck dish was ok. One of the chive dumplings was a little bit overcooked (it was a bit dry).This dish worked really with the pinot noir.

Sauv Blanc works well with seafood dishes and I had the scallop with ginger sauce. But the scallop was slightly overcooked and there was too much sauce. It overpowered the dish.

But I really liked the Spring Onion Pancakes. They were nice and flaky and really well done. This was the best part of the meal.

Rating: 11/20- soso.
But at least the service was friendly but very slow for a very quiet night. As for the bathrooms they are behind a door and up some stairs. And the floor of the bathroom is sticky.


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