Friday, November 27, 2015

Night noodle markets

I went in two rounds

The Night Noodle market is on again this year and this time there were 56 stalls, hence it was a lot bigger than last year.

One of the menus

The fit zone

Inside the Mercedes marquee

A voucher for free popcorn

The line for roti road was huge so didn't go in there. But went to Passar Malam instead and they had these stella tofu sliders.

Tofu sliders
Then went to a Thai Food stall upstairs for alright Chicken Pad Thai for $13. it went cold for a while and it was hard to eat with the bio dynamic fork and things. Even at Safeway I can get better. The service there wasn't so friendly.

There were these huge amaze balls of pumpkin and noodle in a ball for $8.

But at Din Tai Fung they had reusable chopsticks and I bought the salad dumplings for $9. They were the only vegan things on the menu. The quail egg wonton bought from Fat Thai fared better. It was nice and crispy on the outside and eggy on the inside. It was $9 for 5.

You order, pay and wait for them to call out your number. And then you collect your food. It was like that for all the stalls.

Upstairs at the noodle stall the vegetarian yaki soba was $14 for a small but filling bowl. It was just before 8pm and upstairs was just starting to get a little bit busy. The line at the Wonderbao stall was huge so for dessert I got Mantou at the Mantou stall next door. The mantou is from Wonderbao and the people collaborated.
Soft shell crab mantou

Dessert was waaaay too addictive. It was mantou with kaffir lime and condensed milk ($10). The bread soaked up most of the milk. Dessert was not too sweet.

Do go to it just for the fun, dogs, sun, food and booze. It is open from 5pm on the weekdays and the weekends from 2pm.

Classes: Cooking class at Mr Collins

Mr Collins is an Italian place in Collins Square which is a stones throw away from Southern Cross station. Here they were blogged about by six people all of whom were invited or who liked the place.

We paid $10 to attend this one hour masterclass. It included a non alcoholic drink, the demo and the meal. It started at 2:15pm.

Preparing the ingredients

Here we came for the cooking and the eating. We met up with chef Francesco from Sicily. He made this lasagna with ragu which was cooked for about three hours.

The event was attended by foodies and office workers alike.

The lasagna was cold but flavoursome. It was also soggy. But the coffees and the tea that I had was really nice, so I might just come by for a coffee and to try the cannoli which looked so good. Someone else said that the pizza was great here, so I might have to try that.

The chef made the sauce first, putting in the 70g of butter for the bechamel (in a seperate pan) and the diced carrots and celery.  When the ragu was cooked he put the sauce in between the sheets as well as the bechamel. It took about 40 minutes to cook in the oven.

It was just fun watching the chef make the food.  He made one with the Barilla sheets and one without. The one without was much better.

Do sign up for the classes in time for Christmas and summer

Mr Collins Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Aunty Maggies

Aunty Maggies is a health food store right near the Malvern train station.

They are an organic shop which sells a great range of organic foods and meals to take home. It was one Saturday after class that I came here and enjoyed their cheeses, wines and salad. Their salads are a little bit on the pricey side but I managed to pick up one good one for $3.

Cheese and wine samples

tub of takeaway salad

They also do smoothies and coffees and people can relax at their bar after a spot of shopping.

The second time around I picked up some almonds after health class as they say that planning your snacks is key to success. Here they were just charming.

The prices are just right, although some might think that it is a little bit exy. There is a table with magazines for people to read and its a wooden one which makes it that little more homely.

Do go on by for your shopping needs.

wonderful Indonesia

Wonderful Indonesia was a festival in Melbourne. This is the first year that City of Melbourne has it. There is a dearth of Indonesian eateries in Melbourne with the exception of Salero and Blok m.

Soya bean crisps. I have never had them before

Ginger tea

 A great many non Indonesians and Indonesians alike came. The festival was small but fun.

Indonesian bred Raymond from master chef was popular with everyone. Although we didn't try their dessert we got a good photo.

There were a good many drink and food stalls to remind people of home. One drink I tried was the pink coconut drink $3. This was refreshingly sweet.

Many thanks to the City of Melbourne for putting this event on for everyone

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Arbory Bar is in the city outside Flinders St station. It has been blogged about by 24 other bloggers who were either invited or just enjoyed the good food.

The atmosphere is superchillax during the day and then at night it becomes electric. Waiting outside the bar on Platform 10 at night the bar becomes lively and interesting for all to see. Hence this is why we wanted to do this for sooooooooooooooo long.

The entrance is on the Southbank side near the entrance to the station from Southbank.

Like Ponyfish Island service is at the bar. This is an outdoor bar.

Here their burgers were the fancier version of McDonalds. This is said in a good way as I enjoyed the grilled mushroom and haloumi burger. Friend had the fish burger and she enjoyed it too. She also enjoyed her coffee.

The crinkle cut chips were yum with the sea salt and siracha.

Rating: 15/20- love the burgers. They were great. Would love to try other food and drinks. We were going to try breakfasts but breakfast was over by the time we came which was around 11am.

Do come here for drinks and breakfasts
Arbory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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