Friday, January 23, 2015

Nike training in Forum

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015
RNIS was invited by Nike to train at the Forum in a special workshop.
 RNIS burned about 100-200 cals that day doing dancing and some body attack moves. They also had to workout with a partner. Working out with a partner was so much fun.

The Forum is a rather dark place hence not many photos but I did receive a lovely singlet and goody bag. And I got to try on some lovely fluoro shoes which are great for walking. I will want to buy them soon. In the goody bag I got a 20% off discount card for the Nike store.

The exercise featured Vic Azarenka world number 1 and she was lots fun. There was dancing and some body attack movements, all of which are featured on the Nike app.

We tried on the t-shirt and loved it.

About the app

The app is free to download and you can workout at your own pace at home. But I prefer to go to the classes and train with people as you can get all the support and feedback that you need.

Red Rice salad with nuts

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015
A very easy recipe and cheap one as well.

Red Rice is a low Gi food and helps to lower the cholestrol which is good for the heart. Although red rice is about $5-$10 for 500g you only just need a little bit. You only need about 0.1g of it as the rest of the dish is nuts and eggplant, peas and preserved lemons.

Ingredients for one
0.1g of cooked red rice
0.1 cup of eggplants (cubed)
0.5 of peas
2 handfuls of nuts
1 tablespoon of preserved lemons.

Boil the eggplants and peas in a very small pot for about 3-5 mins. Drain. Add the cooked rice and preserved lemons. Add the nuts.


Midsumma festival for 2015- Carnvial day

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015
The Midsumma festival is a huge festival for all.

It is a free festival for all where it is celebrating queer culture in Melbourne. Queer. gay, lesbians and all others came to this fun filled festival. And also dogs came as well. The carnival was at Alexandra gardens just near Flinders st station.

Free massage

I won free spin classes


Messageboards where people wrote messages of support  (here and below)

Free health checks (here and below)

Free water

Writing messages on a bike

The Mushroom Co stall

You can buy your picnic packs here

Yoghuraddiction. I just had lunch so no froyo.

Food trucks
bowling competition

One of the ladies on display

Students it is ok to be gay or queer or a lesbian in Australia compared to other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. In Australia you have rights such as being treated fairly and equally. But sadly some people don't.

This festival is like Orientation day where a lot of health services are being promoted. There was a lot of free activities for visitors to take part in such as the badminton and spin cycle challenge. I did the spin cycle challenge and although I won nothing I still had a good time. I even felt good afterwards.\

Do bring a picnic rug to sit on as well as your lunch or dinner as food there is really expensive and there weren't that many food stalls. There weren't a lot of seats at Alexandra Gardens. There were plenty of free condoms though to promote safe sex.  There were even some HIV tests and Latrobe uni was there with their Queer Department. I wish that RMIT did the same as their queer department never gets promoted enough.

The bands were good though and Dame Diamonds was just great. I didn't really like the Strictly Ballroom performance- that was bad. In fact some of us got on our feet and started dancing.

There was a dog parade but we didn't stay for that as someone had to catch the train home. But the dogs that came to the event were cute and very friendly to pat.

Do go to next years carnival and thanks to the organisers for such a great carnival

400 Gradi in Brunswick and the City

400 Gradi is an Italian place in East Brunswick known for its pizzas and pastas. But mainly for its pizzas. Recently the 99 cheese pizza was featured on Sunrise and the head chef, Johnny was really proud of his creation with all the cheeses. It was so popular that they sold out.

As for the services it was just wonderful and very friendly. Although getting a table in the city one without a booking would have been hard as Friday night they were busy. Luckily I booked it via their website.
At the Brunswick store I had their famous Fior de latte which was really lovely and very simple to do. My motto is simple dishes done well is always good and this pleased me.

Their pastas are just divine.

At the City store I had the four cheese pizza which is similar to the 99 cheese pizza which was shown on Sunrise. I really enjoyed all the cheeses and loved the chilli sauce in there. In there with the sauce it was really sweet. This was $23 and it fed me quite easily.

The base was very doughy and I really loved it. That and the fresh cheeses.

But I couldn't go without trying their arachini balls and for $6 each I really enjoyed this.

Rating: 18/20- very doughy pizza and great Arachini.

After dinner I went outside and watched cricket from the live screens.

Do buy their pizzas at International Street Food festival from their truck for $10.
400 Gradi on Urbanspoon Gradi on Urbanspoon

Asian Cup Match and Hunky Dory in Swan st

The Asian Cup Tournament is on in Melbourne and there is a lot of excitement in the air. RMIT Newintstudents were invited to enjoy the game by Study Melbourne but they paid for their own meal in Hunky Dory.

All the matches in Melbourne are held at AAMI park which is a stone's throw away from Richmond station. A lot of people came to watch the match and it was $15 per match. All the matches went for an hour and a half.

It was Korea and Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia won by 3 goals. There are two halves of the match with a 30 minute interval. I would have got food inside the stadium if it wasn't so expensive and the portions were tiny. Also there was a huge line of people all waiting at the one kiosk for food.

But up the road is a place called Hunky Dory which is bigger than the one in South Melbourne (five minute tram ride). Here they have the old school fish burger with chips for $12.90. Nowadays places charge about $15 for a burger and a very small amount of chips.

You order and pay and they will give you a number

This place makes everything fresh so you have to wait for your order. Or like I did watch them make it up. I really enjoyed seeing the production line here and enjoyed looking at the big plates of food for eat in diners.

My fish in the burger was very fresh, but the bun was a bit sweet and for $12.90 there were a lot of chips for one person. I couldn't finish it all and I enjoyed the taste of chicken salt which is better than the average salt.
Rating: 16/20- healthy, healthy burger for a good price. Hunky Dory Fish & Burger Bar on Urbanspoon
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