Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sushi Hub

This new Sushi Hub opened up in Hawthorn a few months ago. Unlike the city one this one does not have wine and is a small store.
Tamago sushi


Salmon nigiri

Ikura nigiri

Miso soup

Tempura vegetables

Here there are many varieties on offer and you can even order main meals. I had the entertainment book voucher so I went with a friend.

The bathrooms are small and are out the back.

The tamago sushi fell apart. It had that rubbery feel to it. But we enjoyed all the seafood sushi and edamame.

The gyoza was cold. It had been sitting on the train for a while.

And the ready made udon was yum. Unlike the city store this came in a huge bowl.

I have never tried the ice cream in the city store. However I really liked this one here. I loved the crunch of the cornflakes down the bottom.

Do come by for the ready made meals and seafood.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Pinocchio is an Italian place in South Yarra. Here they do good quality food but the service can be slow. They are right near the train station.

They have been featured a few times in the Italian Good Food week. And since it is good food week I decided to visit.

The entree of aranchini ball was lovely and addictive. It was crunchy on the outside and piping hot on the inside.

They have their $25 special nights which includes pizza and pasta on selected weeknights. Here I had the Aglio E olio which was a bit bland. It could have done with more olive oil. But still the pasta was al dente.

But the white wine went well with the food.

Do visit if you have the time and they are featured in the Entertainment book which you can buy off us and support the Salvos through their mission.

Lord of the Fries

There is a new Lord of the Fries open in Hawthorn right where Swinburne Uni and the Glenferrie station is.

We bought the $8 Scoopon for a meal which includes drink (water or soft drink), hotdog or burger and your choice of chips. It comes with the sauce but I am trying not to eat too many sugary things hence no sauce.

At the beginning, Lord of the Fries was just that: fries. Now they have their vegan burgers and hotdogs which people love. What would be nice is some lovely organic wines and beers on the menu. But I suppose a liquor license would be hard to get and expensive.

The vegan hot dog was the first time I've ever tried one so I cannot comment much to say that it tastes a lot better than the meat ones any day. They use vegan sausages which is just awesome. I have tried vegan sausages at the Cruelty-free shop when they do their BBQ.

But the sweet potato chips are to die for. They are crispy on the outside and not too oily which is great.

Do come by the Lord of fries in Hawthorn and Windsor as they are not too busy and they are welcoming. You're welcome.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cafe Roc in short

The Roc Cafe and bar is in South Yarra and its in the Gold Class area. Movie patrons can enjoy a meal or a drink before their movie starts.

They also do functions and serve the Gold Class patrons. The bar is just exquisite.

Here I had a Chardonnay and fish and beef tacos. They have happy hour where all the wines are $6 and tacos are $2 each.

The fried fish taco was really good but the beef one was a bit soggy. The fried fish one was really crispy.

Do come by for a quick drink before the movie starts. We promise that you'll enjoy coming here

Carlton Italian Fiesta and wine

The Carlton Italian Fiesta was on and it was all about good food and wine. Here the Italians enjoy their food and wine. They mainly enjoy pizza.

During the daytime, it was quite busy but at twilight, it was quite fun to dance, eat, drink and be merry. I have never been to one of these before but I do enjoy a good festival at night where there are no kids. Kids ruin my enjoyment- they run around with balloons and things and I do not enjoy.

But here at the Salumisti bar, it is peace and quiet and free canapes. But you have to purchase a drink. I purchased their on the TAP white wine which was good with my pizza and the anchovy canape. Other canapes featured pork which is Salumnisti's specialty.

There was a cheese one with a capsicum piece on top. That would work well with the Shiraz.

My pizza from 400 Gradi was good. It was doughy and cheesy just the way that I liked it.

Do come to next years festivities in Carlton as this year was great.


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