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The Ebola virus

 We explain the virus and the effect on students in Melbourne. Some of the students studying in Melbourne are from Africa

This is a deadly virus which originated in West Africa. It started in April 2014 and already people are panicking about this in Australia with the Age having a lot of reports on this. Their latest one is about a New York doctor who tested positive for Ebola. The WHO organization declared it as an International health emergency.

Ebola is spread by close contact to urine, blood, saliva and sweat. It is not an airborne disease. 

The symptoms of this are fever, death, tiredness, weakness etc. About 90% of people died from this disease

Most of the flights to West Africa have been cancelled due to this disease. But students in Melbourne are worried for their families. Already 4000 people have died from this.

If you or someone catches it you must isolate yourself and receive treatment.

What about some of the students in Melbourne?
Some of the students studying in Melbourne feel like they want to do a lot to help their families back home but can't. They wished that the Australian government could send a medical team over to West Africa, seeing as Australia has the best medical care system.

Actually though the Government has sent a few people over but due to Africa's reluctance to educate their people there is nothing that they can do. In fact some of the hospitals over there had to turn away some patients due to a shortage.

Some of them are in tears when it is close to exam time. But what are universities doing to calm their fears and tears? Is there some sort of way that students can receive special consideration due to the trauma?

We hope that Ebola does not come to Australia nor more people die from this very deadly disease. We hope that a cure is found soon.

AAYS summit 2014

 Two weeks ago RNIS went to a summit about Malaysia's issues. This is their 40th summit. We explain this significant summit.

This summit was held in William Angliss on one Saturday morning and delegates woke up early and arrived early to gain some insights in to the ASEAN and Australian relationship. They also mingled over food and drinks as well which were provided by William Angliss catering team. The food was lovely and I enjoyed the vegetarian ravioli.

So what is the Australian ASEAN relations?

Australia has always had a strong relationship with ASEAN countries and as such has equal standing on crimes and security. The other ASEAN countries can learn a lot from Australia like disaster management. Australia has also been aiding in the recovery. Some countries like Indonesia don't have a disaster recovery backup plan.

Globalisation and the impact on the ASEAN community
Globalisation can have many negative impacts on the community such as exploitation and human rights. The cost of the labour may be cheaper depending on the country. If so then people may want to move somewhere where it is much more profitable for them. For example: India is a poor country hence many people would want to move to Australia in search of a better life. Job security is another thing. If there are redundancies then people will look elsewhere.

Fried food

Fried rice


Salt and pepper calamari

In Vietnam the mining and manufacturing sectors are huge.

Human brain drivel is one of the negative aspects. Consumerism is popular in the western countries where as in Asia it is not. People in Asia learn by rote and authority where as in the west they learn to think for themselves.

Globalisation can also mean an increase in crime rates particularly for the developing countries such as trafficking and drugs.

For foreign investors learning the culture and the local demand is hard. Adjusting to the climate is hard.

Corruption exists in each community and therefore will be higher.

The future of the ASEAN Australian relations
Relation may change in the future depending on the government and the country. Right now it is strong and its getting stronger. This will have many benefits for small businesses and for Austrade. The way in which the ASEAN nations makes decisions is by consensus. If a country wants to be domineering then the ASEAN community might kick it out. Right now there are 10 countries in the ASEAN network.

Some recommendations to improve the ASEAN- Australian relations
More and more Australian university students should do a year overseas in one of the ASEAN regions. The ASEAN countries are sending people to Down under but what about the Australian Government?

In Australia employers should stop the exploitation of International students as stories of that will go back to their families back home and it could affect Australia's relationships with their ASEAN countries

Menu planing made easy

As part of RNIS's healthy living month
As part of Bupa's best blog competitions for 2015

Menu planning is simple and can be done once a week.

It depends on who you live with. If you live by yourself then you only just need small quantities of meat, veg and fruit. You can get away with buying bigger things for the pantry.

But if you live others and they all like the same thing as you, maybe you could share the staples. ie: rice and meat. Rice and meat is cheap to buy at the markets and you could all go together and buy everything. Each person contributes a certain amount for meals each week.

You guys could work out the menu together for lunch and maybe dinner and plan your outings around there.

Then you need to write out a list. You can find the prices online at your favourite supermarket.

One site to get you inspired is I always have a look at for some simple menu ideas. For most of their recipes they outline the cost and kj's consumed.

I love dumplings

I Love Dumplings is on A'Beckett st in the city. They had a Scoopon for $5 for 15 dumplings. I wasn't going to buy it until I heard some positive things about the place. Also a friend didn't want theirs so I bought it and off I went.

I love dumplings was busy on a Friday night so it is best to get there early. There were many Causacians and some Asians also there. I thought that this was a bad sign.

There was one lady wondering around not knowing what to do or where things went. Orders were flying out of that kitchen with a bell but she didn't know whose plate is whose.

The bathrooms were out the back and were just ok.

But the manager was friendly, fast and efficient. They had just opened a few months ago so they are still adding new things to their menu such as the spring onion pancake. In their old menu there was no such thing. The spring onion pancake was $4.80 and the spring rolls were $4.50. I didn't like the vegetarian rolls as they tasted quite meaty. But I did like the spring onion pancake as it was doughy and fluffy. I would have liked more of this having seen this in other Chinese stores. I was expecting a lot bigger for that price.

Same as the vegetarian dumplings although they did look cute in a small bowl. It was panfried but I would have expected bigger sizes. I saw the other Groupon diners plates and they looked huge. I loved the mixture though as it was freshly made. I also loved the chilli sauce but I couldn't have a lot of this.

13/20- Give them some more time to settle down and I hope that other bloggers like Sweet and Sour Fork come and visit the place soon as I know that Ming is a huge dumpling fan. So are Eat and be Merry.

I hope that they sort out these teething problems soon
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The Kettle Black

The Kettle Black is the new kid on the block. It was opened last year, but the first time I actually heard of it was at last nights RMT Greening dinner where it is sustainable. Jesse Mctavish (the head of Kettle black) talked about it and he was very nice guy. They actually compost their waste into one of the little composters.

Today I saw a tiny glimpse of him in the kitchen working hard. The other staff were the same, working very hard.

The Kettle black is outside the Shrine of Remembrance and outside a tram stop. It is in zone 1.

Yes they're expensive but all their produce and ingredients are organic and homemade. On urbanspoon there are so many pretentious reviews and all the negativity.

On a sunny day it is a nice place to relax and as a dog lover I gave a black little puppy lots of pats and he was happy.

I loved my little sugar coated goodness (two treats one $5.80 and other one $6). The lady sitting across from me had these gorgeous hotcakes but she left half of it on her plate . I don't think she liked it, but I loved the look of it. It was $16.
The crumble close up as it looks so pretty

They use Small Batch and Seven seeds coffee and now I am loving having a filtered coffee rather than my flat white. It was $3.50 but it smelt like medicine and tasted acidic. Magic I thought.

I would love to come back to try their chilli eggs. Only I couldn't today. Guys keep up the good work and don't let the negativity on Urbanspoon get you down.
The Kettle Black on Urbanspoon
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