Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rozzi's Italian cafe in Highpoint

Rozzi's is a small little cafe in Highpoint. They have other branches in the city and Chadstone, but Highpoint was closer and I had to get my weight checked that day at the same place.

Here I was in for a vegetarian fix. I had their roast pumpkin wrap with a pumpkin salad. Naturally, I will have more fiber than what to do with. But that's a good thing as recently I found out that not many Australians have enough fiber in their diet.

But the pumpkin salad had a lot of olive oil in there and I could not finish this. But the roasted pumpkin wrap was nice. And the orange juice went well with it. This version from Charlie's was not too sweet.

Service wise they were a little bit abrupt but I guess it's because they had a busy lunchtime. 

Hairy Little Sista

RNIS had a Dimmi voucher and they did not have to pay!

Hairy Little Sista is in Melbourne right where the Tivoli arcade is. Here they are a lovely bar and they are really homely.

The service here is quite lovely and for a rainy Friday afternoon, they were quite steady. Inside the bar was warm and cozy. Outside it was pouring rain.

They have the $18.5 lunch special which includes a sandwich, chips and a drink. Of course being no meat may I went for the vegetarian sandwich which was avocado with corn and tomato salsa. I had it on the organic sourdough which was quite lovely. I really liked the avocado and the fried corn.

But the chips on the other hand although nicely cooked were salty. Too salty.

The house chardonnay worked well with the sandwich.

Do come by to this lovely place in the heart of the city and many thanks for the invite Dimmi.

Dumpling World

Dumpling World is in Collins St where Southern Cross station is. They are mainly a meat-eating place but they also do vegetarian.

Tonight it was not too busy. Here there was one other table with Caucasians.

The bathrooms are out the back and are just ok. The service though was very swift.

I had their beancurd with hot chili sauce and rice. It was $11.80 and was really filling. They also put lots of MSG in there. The rice was quite alright.

But I did like their custard baos though. Here they were not too sweet and they helped offset some of the MSG and really hot sauce.

Do come by this place before you take the train home.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ba Sar

Ba Sar is a Vietnamese place in Moonee Ponds. They are a tiny in the hole wall place. Here they had quite a few customers and a roaring trade.

They have been open for a few months now and they open for dinner and lunch. Here they have some Caucasians and Asians working there which I liked. At Mister Minh, they have been great. The lady that served us smiled.

Their soups and food have no MSG which I like. I had the lunchbox of chicken pho and rice paper rolls and my friend had the beef pho. We shared a plate of deep-fried chicken bites. These were tender melt in the mouth and my friend thought that they should have used the chicken thigh instead of the breast. I think the other way around and they should have made the bites a bit more salty like they did at Mister Minh's.

The pho was quite alright and I liked how they didn't put too much noodles in mine as there were lots of noodles in the rice paper rolls. The rice paper rolls were moist and not dried out like Roll'd ones. I loved the thinly sliced chicken and the onion. The bok choy didn't belong in there as pho doesn't have bok choy in there.

My friend's pho was quite alright although he would have liked more noodles in there.

Do come by for lunch if you are in Moonee Ponds. As they have the best Vietnamese there so far.

La Kuaizi

La Kuaizi is a popular cafe on Manchester lane in Melbourne and about a five-minute walk from my gym.

Here they do Asian cuisine as well as Australian. My friend Kristian liked it and when I saw his post on Instagram I wanted to give it a go. So much so I got a $9 voucher for a breakfast meal and juice.

Here I have heard that Brinner is a big thing in the states. Brinner is Breakfast at Dinner and this thing is really popular in the States. So much so I decided to give it a go.

As part of Healthyintstudents Meat free may I went without meat and got the tomato, chilli eggs, and poached egg combo. It took them a while to make but I did enjoy it. It didn't have a lot of chilli kick to it but it did have that Asian kick to it with the soy sauce.

As for my drink, I had orange juice. As an athlete training hard orange juice is a must. It is packed with vitamin C among other things like potassium. I could have got wine but with all that drinking the next day it wasn't such a good idea.

The ladies on the table next to me got some yummy looking dessert. Next time I'll have to come for the dessert, wine and roti.


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