Friday, October 2, 2015

Snippet: Free tacos at Federation Square.

Last Friday there were free tacos at Federation Square courtesy of Broadsheet and Super taco. Super Taco wanted to promote their super healthy tacos. Here there was a huge line to get the tacos but no one wanted the fish and the beef taco so I got them.

They were tasty as although I wished that they had habenaro sauce as I love mine super spicy. But oh well. I thought that there would be black beans but no such thing. My fish one had a healthy amount of fish in there and same as the beef one.

I can't wait to try the cactus one next.

Pomodoro Sardo

RNIS was given a voucher to spend there by Zomato and they did not have to pay. All opinions are their own

RNIS did a review of Pomodoro Sardo last year. By then a few things have changed. The one thing that has not changed is the service and the signature dish of Linguini Marinara. It still had the bread on the top.

 They still have their wines and Italian soft drinks. I was keen to try one of those. The Italian lemonade is called Gassona and it was not as carbonated or as sweet as the usual soft drinks. It also was really bitter at times.

They did win the award of best pizza though and they are getting much busier during the lunch hour.

They now have a few new entrees on the menu such as croquette with sausage inside ($3.5 each). This was very nicely fried and creamy on the inside.
Bread with olive oil (top) and fish dip (below)

I also enjoyed a new favourite, the cheese dip with fish. That too was creamy and it only had hints of cheese. Now I have never tried Sardinian bread but I have to say though this was great.

I did not expect complimentary bread and olive oil as last time I did not get this so it was a nice touch. The bread was really dense and lovely. It was freshly baked.
The outside of the marinara dish

The marinara on the other hand was baked which meant that the sauce had mussel shells in it. What I would have liked and didn't get was calamari and squid. Instead I got lovely fish and al dente pasta with mussels and a lovely tomato broth. It was $32 and for that price I would have expected some calamari.

But the dessert was good though. It had the right amount of sweetness in there and I loved the crunchiness of the honeycomb. It was semifreddo ($12.5). The other table's tiramisu looked good though and I would have liked it except that I don't drink coffee at night.

Rating: 15/20- good meal except for the stinginess of the seafood in the marinara. Thanks zomato for the voucher.

Snippet: 42 Cafe & Bar

42 Café & Bar is on Puckle st right near the tram stop in Moonee Ponds. I have walked past it a few times and wanted to try. But never got around to it.

And so I did. It was at 4pm and there were a couple tables having coffee. Which is good to see.

The service there was friendly and attentive and I loved all the artworks on the wall.

My toast and tea came to $10.50. My toast was dense and lovely. I love sourdough and the jam was from regional Victoria. The tea is from tea tonic. The tea was lovely and relaxing. No complaints from me.

The jam was not too sweet and I love strawberry jam.

Do go there for your afternoon goodness.
42 Cafe & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Roti Road in two visits

There is a new Roti Road in town and that is at Highpoint. Kenny from Consider the Sauce has not visited yet.

Love the terrarium and the table sign

The first visit was a quiet Thursday afternoon where I had the roti telur. Roti Telur has eggs inside it and the sauces were yummy. The place is clean and open and in the food court hence it is only a small booth. You can buy drinks from elsewhere. The drinks here are expensive and huge.

You order and pay at the counter. They have an EFTPOS minimum of $15

Service wise it wasn't that bad on the first visit but on the second visit it seemed to be not that great. One woman was ignored whilst waiting in the line to order. For me I came at 1pm that visit and was not ignored.

The bathrooms are next to Saigon Square a place that I want to visit next

The second visit was a busy Monday lunchtime when I had a few errands to run. This time around I ordered the Mee Goreng and the plain roti. The plain roti was really fluffy and the Mee Goreng had enough wok hei to it. But what I would have liked was some more chilli sauce in there. One chilli is enough for those that hate spicy food but more would be nice for those that love it.

Other than that the seafood was fine. The calamari was not too chewy, but the tofu was stone cold. The noodles were fine.

Rating: 10/20- I would prefer the original one in Footscray but if I'm in Highpoint and want roti I would come here.
Roti Road Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sugar free month

Sugar free month is on for the first time this year. It was held in September and it was free to participate. We participated in this and enjoyed ourselves.
This was one of our snack ideas to keep us going

Sugar free month is a month where you have to read the labels for most things and cut out white or refined sugar which is more than 5-10g per thing. Some of the included sugars are alright especially in milk. The aim of this is to teach all Australians and International students alike to have a healthy diet which is not full of sugars.

You get used to not having sugar for the month after a few days. Here we had all sorts of snacks which didn't involve sugar such as peanut butter, cheese, milk and the like. Occasionally we would have things which have added sugar in them which we did not know about.

The mood swings varied. As a woman I did have pms at one stage but we effectively managed it by eating lots of proteins, exercising and the like. The sleeping patterns were always good except for just a little bit of bad night's sleep. I didn't have a lot of sugar cravings to begin with but sometimes at events I did.

I think for the next sugar challenge I need to learn to control these at events. But I do recommend that you do it just to learn how to have better health.


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