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Friday, March 6, 2015

Owning a pet: what you need to consider

 As part of Bupa's best blog for 2015

Many inner city residents have pets in Melbourne. But here are some things that you need to think about if you wish to own one as they are quite expensive. And if you make the wrong decision there is no going back.

1) Commitments
Can you schedule enough time to be with them? Pets need all the love and attention and some will need it more than others.

As for taking care of your pet the RSPCA has lots of information on how to take care of them.

2) Affordability and expenses
 Can you afford to keep a pet? With a pet you need to pay for food and vet bills.You also need to microchip them, desex them and pay for the necessary vaccinations.

3) Personality and will you get along with each other?
Most people have pets for good companionship so what's the point if you don't get along well.

What is my personality like? Will it clash or can we be good friends? There are many breeds of dogs to suit your personality so it is best to do a Google search for the right type. If you are the calm patient type person then it is best to get a Golden retriever as they are playful.

4) Am I allowed to have one?
Make sure that you ask the landlord before buying one. Most rental properties in the inner city and city of Melbourne are pet friendly

Remember that a pet will want to go outside and inside. Pets in the city is a useful resource for people wanting a pet.

5) Can I take my pet home?
Taking your pet back to your home country will cost time and money. You will have to courier it and it will be very cramped for them in the crates/boxes

6) Level of fitness
How much time are you willing to spend with them each day? Do you live close to a park? A dog needs about one hour each day and some dogs get walked in the morning and the afternoon. What is your study commitments like? Are you fit enough to walk a dog? Dogs often pull on their lead.

7) Where will I buy my pet.
 Think about where you'll buy them. Don't just buy them from anywhere you see them. Its better to adopt them as it is cheaper and you can find out more about the breed before you buy from a reputable breeder. You'll also get a proper chance to inspect your pet before buying it.

Do know your rights before buying the pet.

Shelter pets will have already been microchipped and desexed.

Many people buy pets for Christmas, but my safest bet is don't unless you know the potential owner well as it is money wasted.

Abandoning a pet is never a good idea

Homebrand noodles

As part of Bupa's best blog competition for 2015

The RMIT Womyn's room is giving away free food and I chanced upon a cup of noodles which are homebrand. These noodles claimed to have no msg.

But did they really?

Yes they did as the soup was not too salty. However it did have a lot of sodium in there. It also has empty calories which over time if you eat these frequently you'll find that you can't concentrate or site still. You'll also find that you will forever be hungry. Its best to put it with some fresh vegetables and meat to make it into a healthy meal. That way it is more fulfilling.

You put boiling water in this and then let it sit for 2-3 mins and then enjoy.

It is about $1.50 at Woolworths.

Festival Artisian bakery and pop up bar

The Melbourne Food and Wine festival is on this year and its back and better than ever. RNIS went to this pop up bakery in Queensbridge square and had a great time playing with coffees and food. Here is the lowdown

Phone Charging station


Love that nashi pear tree

Melbourne should have this sign more often at some of the popular shopping strips

Sliders on display

Table decorations

The view

The artisan bakery is free and its on from the 27th of Feb to the 15th of March. But you have to pay for the food and the wine. Prices start from $3-$20 for the breads, drinks and deli items which are from country Victoria. There are no samples for these and the ploughman's platter ($20) looked spectacular. given that it was Friday at 2pm I had a vegetarian slider ($5.50 for one) and I enjoyed it.

I loved the cheese in there as well as the tomato relish.

Do visit the Festival hub for lots of delicious goodness from the different bakeries.

The Community Grocer

The Community Grocer is a volunteer run and a not for profit grocery pop up store in Carlton. The fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs are donated by Secondbite. It is run every Friday from 10:30am-2:30pm and there is a free BBQ around 11am which is mostly vegetarian.

The volunteers are very friendly and helpful and you too can be a volunteer.
Corn for about $1-$3 per bag

Someone's homemade lunch which looked good


All the food is under $5 per kilo and its all fresh. They use fresh bread for their BBQ and they do have drinks for the kids.

I bought a banana and apple for $1 altogether. The apple was a green one and it was quire tart and the banana was really sweet. The produce is grown on someone's farm and they sell it for quite cheap here.
Free bread

The second time I bought an apple and an orange for $0.65 altogether and made this wonderful fruit salad using this produce and my own fruits.

Do visit this healthy, low cost store which runs every Friday.

The Salvation Army Op Shop event

This was free for everyone attend and it was a three day sale which sold old and new things and cakes. The money raised was for the Hamadova Café and the Couch. Prices started as low as $0.50. There was a good lot of money raised and a lot of things sold. People took away huge basketfuls of stuff and vintage clothes.
I didn't go away empty handed. I bought a hat to be shown at RNIS's stall on the 12th of March at the Couch. Do register for this event on here. There will be free food and prizes to won plus lots of information about living in Melbourne. You can also see some of the furniture and housing at the Accomodation and Living Fair. 

Although I didn't have any sweets (was on a diet) I heard that they were good.

Many thanks to the Salvos for this successful event and I hope they have raised enough money for their cafe
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