Loose change week

Ok so I admit that I only have $30 to spend this week. No atm no eftpos just pure cash and my foods at home (which I just did a top up by the way. Oh and I also have a $10 voucher in which I can spend if need be.
I have already paid the bills for my water, food, rent, electricity etc
The aim of the project is to learn how to shop wisely and beware of the student poverty that exists in Melbourne. Whilst Melbourne looks like a decent, cosmopolitan city for students- it is pretty expensive to live here.
Sunday: did housework at home. Had beef noodles for lunch. Yummy. All cooked by me. Chatted to my parents for free on Skype.

Monday: Stayed at home and had more leftovers. In fact I made a salad out of them and added bread. And I sampled the Coles Mineral water and its not too bad. I had coffee at home too like I have been doing for the last few months. Ok I got to admit though not buying coffee is great for my wallet. It feels great not spending a single cent

Tuesday: Spent $12.85 on stuff. The cakes at Le Miel was $7 and then ham and roasted capisicum and tomatoes were $3.85. I used them in a sandwich where the bread was brought from home and it was the nicest lunch I had in a while. Membership to the coffee club was $2. I suppose membership to the coffee club is essential for the free coffee.
I had breakfast at home which is free. Got to uni too late in time for free bagels. They were all gone

Wednesday: Spent $8 at the bake sale in Brunswick. I gotta stop spending so much or otherwise i'll become a spendthrift. last night I got a $5.50 meal coupon from crossways on my way home. I'll go there soon I think. But I loved the $2.50 apple pie though./
Got some free sushi and got to watch a movie with the RMIT Japan club.
Also checked out all the free clothes at the RUSU environment collectives clothes swap party.
Made my own salad at home and feeling a lot healthier for that.

Thursday: There was a free lunch for all at the Austrade office as there was a seminar on the Study in Australia website.
But I went to the Dragon boat yum cha place and tried one of their BBQ pork buns ($1.60/$1.80) which they are famous for. But it tasted horrible. It was dry too. I can get much better than this at Breadtop and Maxims.
When I don't spend so much money I feel much happier and cleaner on the inside.

Friday: Used my $10 gift card to buy lunch from Chillipadi. It was an $8 lunch pack which was full of MSG but you can choose the things yourself. I didn't really enjoy it all that much...but at least it was free. Spent $3.40 on dumplings at Wonderbao.
Now that I have a more nourishing breakfast at home I found that I don't need to eat a lot and spend a lot of money

Saturday: Spent the day at home working on my assignment. Hence I had just leftover fried rice and chicken for lunch.

Sunday: went to St Kilda beach with the Japanese club. Here I signed up for 7 apples gelato Membership and redeemed my free ice cream.
It was here that I was sponsored by work hence I went to Twenty & Six expresso and Inkr7.
Hence I have left: $4.45. Which is not bad for the week.

Lessons learnt:
* It is a great idea to bring lunch from home rather than spending all the time.
* Free food is always good for students
* Join student union clubs and get some discounts

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