Advertising Enquiries for RMIT Newintstudents Blog

Advertising for RMIT New International students

This blog started four years ago with International students in mind. International students are always looking for affordable but great products. They are also looking for advice on lifestyle and study issues in Melbourne

Our target audience: Obviously uni students, so no high end stuff (priced from $60+)! Otherwise people can’t afford it. The products have to be beneficial for students as well.

We blog about:
  • Health and beauty products that are affordable for students
  • Meals outside that are also affordable. We might do some high end stuff for special occasions such as birthdays
  • Events that is educative and informative for students. For example: the Lord Mayors event.

Our stats:
  • We have about 400-1200 views per day
We have about 16000-24000 page views in a month as you can see on the graph.
  • Our main search terms are about food, International student issues, jobs for students, Asian food brands and home stay horror stories
  • We have about 460 followers on Facebook.
  • We are on Google plus.
  • We have Google circles and right now we have 39 followers, possibly more.
  • We are ranked number 18 on the Melbourne Food Blogs Leader board in Zomato. Right now we have about 491 followers on Zomato.
  • On Instagram we have about 720 followers

This is how much it will cost for your ad to appear on site. We are also happy to review stuff for free and are happy to recommend your products on our social sites such as Google plus and Facebook.

Postcard size- $5
Half a page- $20
Full sized page- $40
Product reviews- $55 per review


“Great blog, Keep up the good work” Study Australia

“Love the blog. Keep it up”. Navitas

“Love the review. Great review”. Black Sheep on Lonsdale

Want us to do a review of your product? Email us today at:


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