Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coffee and Lunch in nearby places.

Today I felt like going nearby so I went to Crumbs Organic bakehouse and Chew Chew in Moonee Ponds.
1) Crumbs Organic bakery
The shop is opened from 6:30am-6pm weekdays and 8am-3pm weekends. This is located in Union road Ascot vale (zone 1) on the number 57 tram line. In the Age good cafe guide the opening hours were advertised from 10am-6pm weekdays and from 8am-3pm weekdays. But management had decided to change the hours for the better. The hours were changed in May.
This cafe is vegan and very healthy. It is also a bakery, hence there are no cooked breakfasts sold here. Here they sell lovely bread, juices, pastas, coffee beans, cakes, pizza slices, milk etc.
The lady there was really friendly and knows her customers well. She was a very lovely asian lady.
Here there is a bit of room for a pram and a small family. There is room for a communal table as well as two small tables.

Everything is priced under $10. Pizza slices were $4 and they are delicious! I had the one with the mushrooms and the spanish onions and they were good. The onions were caramelized nicely. The pizza was really hard to cut though.
I had a ristretto with a dollop of milk ($3.50 per cup). It  it was not as bitter and as strong as I would have liked it, but it was still good.
I bought one of the recommended muffins by the waitress. It was white chocolate and raspberry one ($3.60 each). It's expensive but yum.
All in all it was a great day out and I would recommend that students pay a visit to this place as they have excellent food for a very affordable price.
2) Chew chew- It is opposite the Moonee Ponds train station (zone 1). It has a very rustic feeling. Today I had a vegetable panini ($9.50) and it was very cheesy... in fact the cheese drowned out most of the vegetables.
I would love to come back here for a coffee.
They are only open during the day and not for dinner.

UPDATED: Visited again 28/10/11 and ordered a piccolo. I quite liked it.

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