Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mr Nice Guy's Bakeshop by Katherine

There is a new bakeshop around town. It comes from the guys that brought you the cupcake shop in Prahran Market known as Mr Nice Guy.

This bakeshop is on a tram line in Ascot Vale. They have only just been opened for a week now and already they are busy.

I went in at 9am and was the only one there. But it wasn't long for all the others to come and get their vegan goodness.

The ladies at the counter were lovely and the smiling type. She also happy for me to take lots of pictures.

She didn't have to tell me where the bathroom was because I already saw it as soon as I walked in the door. It is just straight down the corridor and on my way there I saw their kitchen and how cute the old cash register was.

I am told that the cinanmon bun is the most popular. Hence I have ordered this vegan goodness. They to do coffees here, unlike their Prahran store.

What really interested me was that and their raw vegan cupcake which worked a treat with me.

I also loved their vegan buns. But it was messy to eat. I loved the sweet, sticky gooeiness of it. Yummy. I could eat this everyday I thought.

The long black was just alright. Mister nice guy uses Naked Espresso beans and their machine is just brand new.

I can't wait to try out more of their vegan goodness and Ascot Vale just needs another shop just like this and Silo. What would even better is if they opened one in the city or in Fitzroy.
To all the haters of this shop, give them a chance. And I'm hoping that some other bloggers like myself would appreciate the place.
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