Saturday, December 15, 2012

Koko Yee by Katherine

Koko Yee is a new Malaysian/Indonesian place opened about three weeks ago. This place is much cleaner then the Kitchen Inn and the server is much nicer. It is in the city, just outside Melbourne Central station.
I went at a fairly quiet time at 4.30pm. It was a rather warm day and as per usual some of the peak hour trains were cancelled. Hence I had no choice but to wait one hour for the next one, so I figured I'd duck in here.
The toilets are out the back and they are just ordinary.

They don't have much in terms of cold drinks but they do have lots of food.  Unlike Kitchen Inn they don't have Kolo Mee and Kampua, but I heard that they do really good chicken rice. They also do laksa. Here I sampled roti rolls ($5.50 each) and Chinese doughnuts ($6.50).
I loved them both but the roti was really messy to eat and I wished that they would have provided me with handbowls to wash my hands. The roti was a little soggy but not too bad.
My favourite would have to be the Chinese doughnuts. These were yum and I loved the sweet pandan sauce.
They only do cash only sales.
I hope more bloggers come and experience the place for themselves. I hope that it is just as popular as Laksa King, but that might be a few months in the making.
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