Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wide Open Road by Katherine

I was in RMIT Brunswick that day working as per usual. The city campus somewhat did get evacuated (due to all the absestos) so I went to Brunswick for the day.

Close by to the Brunswick campus and the Jewell station is a place called Wide Open Road. I didn't recognise this place at first because it is where all the factories are (it did somewhat look like a warehouse). But I saw all the seating outside.

It is a vegan/vegetarian place and I did remember that Here's the veg blogged about it as well as nine others.

Here it was really busy.

I sat up near the front counter where I could see them preparing meals and coffees and I loved the open kitchen.

I checked out the bathrooms. Here they were big and airy. I loved the big benches and the chair so I took a picture. But to get there you had to go through the store room and its at the end.

They do cupping classes on Saturdays and they have many products for sale. They also roast their own beans and I sampled one of their finest.

Here I had an iced filtered coffee (the Kenyan blend) and their poached eggs on toast ($10). They do breakfasts until 4pm and they are only opened for lunch and breakfast.

They use all sorts of organic ingredients so it nice to know that all the meals are healthy.

I loved my filter coffee. It was citrusy which I adored.

I also loved my eggs with all the spices on top. So worth the $10 I paid for them. I think they used vinegar because I could taste some of that in there

I'd love to come back here with Here's the veg

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