Sunday, September 1, 2013


Tutto is a frozen yoghurt store in Carlton.

Here they cater for RMIT and Melbourne Uni students ,but seeing as it is a bit out of my way I didn't have the chance to visit until now.

They weren't busy- hence this is a great time to catch up on any readings you haven't done. My server was a down to earth friendly lady.

The flavours change weekly. They wanted to keep a really simple menu.

They have EFTPOS but you need to spend a minimum of $10.

Here they mainly specialise in yoghurts but they do other food and coffees as well. But I have to admit that they do really bad coffees. My short black was a little bit burnt.

But their yoghurt made up for it even though it was a little bit on the pricey side. Here I had the biscotti yoghurt with mango pearls, mixed fruit jelly and a waffle. All for an extra $2.50. The regular itself was $5.50.

The yoghurt was not overly sweet. It only had 17% of sugar in there. It is 99% fat free.

During the summer I might just be back to try more of their flavours such as Bailey etc.
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