Friday, February 3, 2012

Maxing it out at Max brenner

I was in a bit of a crepe mood yesterday and seeing that Max Brenner's in QV was pretty full I thought I'd check this out.
I have been here a few times to try out their drinks and stuff and loved them, but yesterday didn't feel like a drink.
This place is run by Chinese. It used to be run by the Aussies, but now things are different. The waitress didn't smile so much and I noticed that the table next to me ordered a Suckao and she didn't ask them if they knew how to drink it. Luckily they figured it out. She could have asked. The price a few years back used to be $11.50, but now it is $15.50. Why oh why so expensive?
The crepe was soggy due to the fact that they put so much chocolate and bananas in there. They could have put the chocolate on the side, rather than drizzle it on the plate. And then we can dip the crepe pieces in there and it would be less soggy.
I think that I'd only come back to try out the cookie that looked so appetizing and the drinks. The other desserts looked a bit sad, having got there at 4pm.
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon


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