Monday, November 21, 2011

Dessert at Harajuku crepes on Thursday night

After my volunteer dinner on Thursday night (10/11/11), I was not completely full. So I went and picked a crepe on the way home from Harajuku crepes.

They are in Melbourne Central and have been operating for a few years now. The last few times I went they were good. But not anymore. I think that the management have changed as the rules around photography have changed. They said no photography (but however as usual, I managed to break the rule and sneak a few in).
The service has changed quite a bit. They used to be all smiles, but now they are not. The lady did not once smile to me when she was taking or making my order. They did in fact get someone else's order wrong.
I ordered a almond and banana crepe ($7- they used to be $4.50 a few years back, but what happened there!!!). This was very expensive for what I got, which was a crepe (which by the way is too thick to be one), with little filling. I know that the bananas were expensive back then, but now they are cheaper. Even I noticed that a few other people's crepes got less filling then a few years back.
And they don't offer student discounts anymore. What happened there????
To the management please bring back the student discounts as well as cheaper pancakes, or otherwise students like myself won't be able to visit you anymore. And please put more filling in this.
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