Saturday, January 12, 2013

Horoki Casual Dining bar

This is a Japanese place in Liverpool st in the city.
Liverpool st is a laneway and its one of mysterious laneways in the city that attracts thousands of people.
Horoki was dead quiet when I came.
About 20 other bloggers have blogged on about this place and this place was in the Age Cheap eats 2012 guide.
Now I wonder why it was so quiet. I would have expected that the place would be busy as at lunchtime.
The prices have gone up. Here I had a lunch bento for $14.90. In the past when other bloggers came it was $13.90. Someone on Urbanspoon also said that they changed chef. The chef that used to work there is now working at Gypsy and Pig.
With that in mind I wonder if food standards had slipped?
The waitress working at the front was always frowning. Maybe she was unhappy about working there? She did look like a uni student.
It is a place where you can stroll in and sit anywhere and that's what I did.

They do take EFTPOS and it is run by true Japanese.
Like every other blogger I had the lunch special, but I also added in a iced green tea, which was nice and true Japanese style. Not too sweet.
The bento included a choice of three dishes, miso soup and a choice of bread or rice. I had the soba noodle salad, agedashi tofu and the spicy salmon sushi.
The bento on the other hand had some nice and some not so nice elements to it. I loved the soba salad and the sushi. The rice was a bit dry and stale. The agedashi tofu was lukewarm and it tasted like it had been fried a few hours ago and then microwaved just before it came out. The miso soup was just out of a packet with very little tofu bits.
The soba noodle salad was very refreshing for a warm summers day. I loved the lettuce leaves- they were fresh.
The salmon sushi was very spicy, but I wished that they had a lot more sushi on offer.
If I were to come back for dinner I'd love to have just the sushi and the soba noodle salad. And it would have to be on a summer's day.
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