Saturday, December 15, 2012

Badger vs Hawk

Badger vs Hawk is a small cafe on Latrobe st just past Elizabeth st and next to the Foodworks supermarket. I am told that lot of International students frequent this place.
It is run by someone from New Zealand which is lovely because the Kiwis are welcoming people.
About three other people have blogged on about this place so I was keen to give it a shot (or go I should say).

It is also a bar that is opened on the weeknights and weekends. But you have to pay for your stuff at the front counter which is strange. Also you have to order your coffees and food at the counter and find a place to sit (ie. not much table service)
They don't have any indoor seating but they have plenty outside. They have a courtyard outside where you can relax and smoke.
The bathrooms are at the back and the lock on the bathroom door does not work.
But still the cold drip coffee ($6 per bottle) is really nice for a warm 33C degree day in Melbourne. You can easily get two glasses out of this and I did just that.
The little ginger cake ($4.50) was also yummy. The Kiwi told me that it was made by someone that does Vue de Monde's cakes.
They do have a great selection of burgers ($10), chips ($3) and other yummy things that I'm willing to try next time when I'm here. The beers are about $6.
I'd love to recommend this place as a great place for RMIT Student Union's drinks with friends as the food is really cheap but good and a lot of students would love to hang out here in the courtyard rather than on campus.
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