Saturday, December 15, 2012

Izakaya Chuji

Izakaya Chuji is a Japanese tapas style place which means that I had high expectations of the place. I work nearby the place.
The place looked a little run down and its next to an old bar called "Mai Tai". There wasn't many people when I came at one pm, like I had hoped. I wonder why?  Is it because of the expensive prices and the little and lackluster food? Or could it be something else?
Nevertheless this visit wasn't all that great.
The service was a tad bit rude. I didn't like being rudely told off for photos, but I did manage to take some when the waitress wasn't looking. Why? about eighteen other bloggers blogged on about this place and they were allowed photos. Why am I the only one not allowed to take photos? Was there a change in management?
The older lady frowned a bit. Perhaps she was unhappy at working there?

There is a lunchtime make your own bento box for $17 which I chose. It comes with rice, miso soup and you get to choose other small dishes. I got this and the inari ($5) and tamago (egg sushi) for $6. I also ordered a bottle of imported Japanese Green tea ($6). When I said all this to waitress, she was like "Are you going to be able to finish all that?" and I'm like "yeah I can, they are all small aren't they?"
When it came it was huge and a massive dissapointment. The salmon was a bit stiff and overcooked. I sat near the kitchen and I can see them using really cheap and old utensils.
The fish on the sushi was fresh, but the sushi rice fell apart in an instant. The tamago one was a bit sweet for my liking. This has to be the best out of all the things I had there.
That and the green tea which was really Japanese.
The inari was too warm for my liking. It's supposed to be cold.
The agedashi tofu was the worst of all. It's supposed to be crunchy with the moving bonito flakes. What I got was overly cooked tofu. :(
The rice was just ok.
With the food and the horrid service in mind I would not be back in a jiffy even if someone paid me to. I have to agree with some of the reviews on Urbanspoon sorry. I should have just paid the $24 and left. I wonder what Big Fil thought that place and whether he would agree with me.
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