Saturday, November 24, 2012

Northern Soul

Today I went a place called Northern Soul in Thornbury on my way to Bundoora.
Northern Soul is a small cafe that has won many awards and great reviews.
Northern Soul is on a tram line and is hard to find, but if you look closely on the left you'll see it. They are a small cafe.
There were kids running everywhere. Not a pleasant start to brunch and reading my papers. Hard to concentrate

Like many Melbourne's hot spots they open relatively early and close early.
Like many of Melbourne's cafes they only focus on coffees and teas and not much food. But what they have on the menu is cheap but great.
I had the scrambled eggs on toast ($8). With that I added $15 worth of extras such as cheese and sausages. The eggs were a little bit plain so I added some tabasco sauce to it and all was fine. I loved the Meredith's cheese though. Lovely and creamy. Very simple. I like this. But there's no onions in there and I would love to have some.
I also had their long black ($3). Their beans are from Tobys estate. It was nothing much to write home about.
The cupcake which was a lemon flavoured one was a little too tangy for my liking. But it was moist.

All in all I'd still prefer Lowlands (just a few doors up), but I might give this place another go for its sandwiches and salads. I loved the French bulldog waiting for its owners outside and wanting a slice of sausages and eggs
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