Saturday, November 24, 2012

Secret recipe

Secret recipe is a chain store. The one that I went to is in the city in Melbourne Central. They have been there ever since late 2010, but I never got the chance to visit until today. I have been too busy to visit.

Secret recipe is a Malaysian restaurant but they do Western food as well.

So today me and eight others all went there for cakes and drinks. It was someone's birthday today. I have read that Secret recipe has many cakes and even has a cake special.

It is run by Malaysians. The service was a tad bit slow and they did run out of the stuff to make one of my colleague coke spider drinks (this really infurriated her- they had all the ingredients there). One of my other colleagues got a coke.

All the drinks and the food came out in drabs.

One of my colleagues got a Nasi Goreng ($15.90 for a tiny serve of stuff). I got try his rice. It was coconut flavoured but dry and the egg was a little bit bland. I didn't think he really liked the dish all that much.

One of my other colleagues got a $7.90 cake and coffee special and hers was a cheesecake. The base was really soggy.

I had an iced green tea ($5.50) and a mango delight cake which I loved. It was light and not too soggy. It had to be the best cake out of the two.
The iced green tea was a bit weird though. Being a Malaysian restaurant I would have thought that they would have done it the Asian way of making the syrup and blending everything in there.

I might just return next time and order the mango cake and this time a hot green tea.
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