Saturday, July 21, 2012

Degani at Uni Hill

Degani Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Degani is a bakery cafe chain all over Melbourne. Here they bake their own goods. But at 3pm when I came it was not so busy but too noisy.
Service was a little attrocious at times. There was one lady with an attitude problem and who would refuse to serve her customers. She left the place (possibly going home) right in view of the customers. The other ladies were fine remembering to smile at me and ask if I was" alright". One of them said when I wanted her attention, "Won't be a minute" which I liked because it means that customers come first.
I had a pot of T2's sencha tea ($3.50 but you can get a few refills for free) and a macaroon and a lemon tart ($6). The plate when it came was a little dirty and it was brought out by the person who had the attitude problem. Hence I did not want to speak up.
The macaroon was a little crumbly but moist. I probably won't order this again. The lemon tart was a little hard but crumbly and tangy. Loved the tang to it.
I probably would come here again to try out their sandwiches and meals because they sure do look nice around here. But to the management please fire the person with the attitude and please turn the volume down or otherwise people will just not want to come here anymore. I would love for this to be place where students can hang and do work.


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