Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beatrix by Katherine

It was a lovely Sunday late morning and I was on the way to the Taste of Melbourne festival by tram. I thought about having lunch at the festival but I figured that it was a tad bit expensive and there might be long waits for food.
So I figured I would visit Beatrix a cafe in North Melbourne. It is just one block away from the corner of Abbotsford and Queensberry sts (57 tram) and a fifteen minute walk from North Melbourne station.
I had always wanted to go there after reading the many rave reviews on Urbanspoon and the Age.
On that very Sunday morning that I came it was busy, but not overly. As in I was able to find a table right in front of the cakes that says "Eat me"

The toilets are outside, down the street and on the left hand side. They were hard to find at first, but don't be afraid to ask the cafe staff.
I had the famous "Beggibe roll" (a roll the comes with fried egg, bacon, caramelised apples, beetroot, lettuces and aioli all on a sourdough bun- $12). This is much better than the ones that most cafes have. I loved the bread that they use which was nice and soft and not like the hard and chewy ones you get outside. The rocket was quite nice and I loved the aioli. Loved the beetroot in this. You can see that they put a lot of effort into this. You can also opt for no bacon for the price of $11.
Now Beatrix is also quite good at making teas so I got a pot of green tea ($3.60- tea powder is from Art of natural teas).
I also went for one of their yummy meringues ($3.50). Heavenly says I. It was sticky though but light and fluffy.
The next time when I come I should go for one of their cakes which changes daily. That and a cup of tea.
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