Wednesday, January 11, 2012

coffee @ 1000 pound bend

1000 pound bend is a huge coffee warehouse right in the middle of the city. One my uni friends recommended this place to me. She said that there is "a lot going on in this place". There are a lot of events going on here.
They have free wi-fi. My guess is that this place is a student place where students can hang and work at their own pace. It has comfortable couches and heaps of large tables. You can pick up heaps of free publications about Melbourne on one of their tables. One of the guides you can pick up is "Safari Petes Guide to Melbourne" which has lots of useful info on Melbourne as well as discount vouchers.
This place is a bar as well as a good coffee place. They are open from 8am-11pm. And why I say its good is because they made my espresso ($2.50 in the morning rush) really good and strong. And it did not have a burnt feeling to it. I also got a croissant ($4 or $5) which would have been a bit nicer if it was toasted. But it was still fresh though.
The Kiwi that served me was nice though.... but I did have a long while to wait for coffee :(.
It's a nice place to go to and I'd sure love to try out their food at some stage. Thanks to the friend that recommended the place to me.

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