Saturday, August 11, 2012

Massive Wieners

Massive Wieners is a hot dog stand in Prahran. Here they are very popular with the locals and students alike. My only gripe that is open from 12pm-2am each day and no earlier. The other gripe that I had was that it looked a docotrs surgery from the outside when it was closed with no tables.

Here they sell quite a lot of hot dogs for about $4-$7. They have three sizes of hot dogs. I chose the average joe for $4. Boy was it filling! I didn't like the bread roll; it was just a normal one but I loved the sausage. There was no onion in mine when I wanted some but there was heaps of cheese in there.
How cute is the bell

How cute is the 50s style register

The only people that own the place is Dave and Liam and Liam was the one that served me. He was also the one that owned the limo and got in trouble for parking it at the front of the shop by the council.

I'm glad that the place is quite close to the train station. I just got take away and ate it on the way back to the city.
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