Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kitchen Inn

I went to Kitchen Inn after hearing many rave things about its Kolo Mee and Kampua dishes. When I heard that a Malaysian shop specializing in Sibu food had opened in Melbourne CBD I thought that I'd try it and I was genuinely excited by the place.

 I haven't had Kolo Mee before. This place is run by Chinese hence some of the people were not familiar with Malaysian food and didn't understand me.
The place was pretty packed with students and workers some of which are Asian.  The place is small and very cramped. And yes I was seated on a table with randoms. The randoms ordered some sort of noodle dish and spring rolls and I saw that they didn't like their spring rolls. Why?
I was served free tea but didn't know until after ordering.
There was virtaully no service not even a mere smile. You had to go up to the counter to order. And when I asked them to clean up the table they didn't.:(.
Oh yeah and my chopsticks were a little dirty. So instead of asking them for a clean pair I just cleaned in a cup of tea.
This time I tried Kolo Mee for the first time. Kolo mee is Malaysian noodles from Sibu which has char siu, spring onions  pork floss and some sort of noodles which are handmade. These are really hard to find in Melbourne
The Kolo Mee for which I paid $8.50 for it was small and sweet. The noodles were overcooked. And they charge $11 for prawns!!! Too dear so I went without. I noticed that other places charge like $9-$10 for a plate with seafood.
The iced lemon which was $4 was in a small glass and it tasted like cordial. Not like the iced tea that I can get in a bottle from the supermarket.

I could have walked out without paying but I was sitting right in front of the cashier and I had to pay for the mediocre service and food.

I'm hoping that someone who works in Kitchen Inn will read these comments and improve their service and their food, as this place has a lot of potential and is the only place so far to serve Kolo Mee and kampua and other Sibu dishes. I wonder what others thought of this place. I can also see why some of the people on Urbanspoon hated it.
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  1. LOL cleaned your chopsticks in a cup of tea! They didn't clean my table initially too, so I wiped it down with spilt tea XP

    Actually you didn't need to order from the counter. When we went yesterday, there was a waitress taking orders from tables - everyone EXCEPT us, even randoms who came in after us and were seated beside us! I tried calling a waitress but she looked away and ignored me. Rude! We got so annoyed we just got up and left. Abysmal service.

  2. yeah I know.... I just wanted to be on the safe side. And as to the waitress taking orders I saw none and I saw people ordering from the counter. Which led me to believe that I should do the same



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