Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bay City Burrito in Hawthorn

Both times were invites. One was from Entertainment book and the Burrito and Blankets event was by Bay City themselves.

Bay City Burrito was just in St Kilda but now there are two branches. There is one in St Kilda and the other one is in Hawthorn.

Here they pride themselves on good Mexican food and there are chips for all to try. I really liked their homemade chips which is on the pass behind the counter.

The bathrooms are outside but they are hard to find as they are in some alleyway. In the end if I need to go to the bathroom, I use Rococo's which is just across the road.

The customer service team is very friendly and the guy was always smiling. Here the guy was so helpful on Sunday to my friend who thought that his meal should be free.

But we've always liked the burritos as they are big for the price paid which is $17/$18. Here they have a lot of filling and I enjoyed my fish one on Sunday. The pineapple gave it that sweetness. And the Mexican beer enhanced the flavour of Mexico and reminded me of going to the beach. It had that southern California feel to it.

The vegetarian one that I had for the Blankets and Burritos event for the homeless was yum. I enjoyed the guacamole and the free chips too.

Do buy the Entertainment book and support the homeless in their mission to a better life. I have and its only $70 per year for thousands of offers. You can do that here.
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