Friday, February 21, 2014

Dumplings Plus

 Dumplings Plus is in Highpoint where Safeway is and has been opened for a year now. Every time I wanted to go there has always been queues. Well not this time.

The entrance
The workers making your dumplings

The dim sum for takeaway
The menu

Self serve cutlery

They do take away as well as eat in and the line for eat in was long, but it moved quickly.

 The service was alright. There was one guy that was showing people to their tables after they have ordered at the counter which I thought was plain weird. Most people just seat themselves.

Like the City store they specialize in dumplings and noodles.
The custard bun (top left), sesame bun (top, right) and the prawn and vegetable dumplings

The custard bun ($2.20) was just a singular one and so was the sesame ball. I thought they would have come as threesomes but I guess not :(. The sesame ball ($2.20 for a small one)was the worst that I have ever tried. It had no filling to it.

The prawn dumplings ($5 for 4 tiny little morsels) were the frozen sort. And they were sad looking on the plate.

The vegetarian dumplings were good though. And even better without the self service sauce as it is already flavoursome inside.

Well at least the chive and spring onion pancake ($4) was freshly made.

To quench the thirst I had iced tea which came in a bottle. It wasn't exciting but oh well.

Verdict: I liked it but didn't love it. I had really wanted stand out dumplings for the prices paid, but still I got my fix of dumplings.
For Highpoint though this is a great place for the locals that live on the Essendon side. Not so much for Footscray residents which have their own Asian fix.
This would be somewhere where I'd go to get a cheap yum cha fix, but just stay away from the meat.
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