Saturday, May 13, 2017

Melbourne Knowledge Week

Melbourne Knowledge week is a huge event and every year they have many free events and exhibitions for all to enjoy. Here they had a film screening on at General Assembly that I was invited to attend. This film screening was about how they created games like Minecraft and other building games.

The film showcased the cities of Kenya, Stockholm, Kossovo and the US.

This film let us saw how much gaming has changed in the last few years. In the last few years the gaming industry has spent billions of dollars on the games. People create the games in a uni computer lab which is hard because there is not enough money to make them. Then they have to work for the end user like myself. They have to be engaging for all.

If people don't like the game or if the game gets a bad review then the creators of the game go broke or out of business. To promote the game the creators went to a gaming expo to exhibit the game.

Today's video games help shape the future of our city and they too can help shape the future of Melbourne. They too can help create communities.

Then the Hackathon reinforced the theme of Then, Now and in the future as teams worked together at General Assembly on a Saturday morning and afternoon on a challenge. The challenge was based on Melbourne's public transport system and how it can be better for all. The best team won bags and free bitcoins. The Hackathon gave us a sense of how to solve real life problems in the world of work.

Do come to next years Melbourne Knowledge Week and thanks to General Assembly for the invite


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