Saturday, May 13, 2017

Naughty Nuris

Naughty Nuris is a new Indonesian restaurant in Melbourne Central. They replaced the sushi train there. That sushi train wasn't doing so well.

Naughty Nuris have been open for a little while and they are doing so well with bloggers and foodies alike. Here their food is pricey but they do have $11.90 lunch specials and if you want a drink its $2 extra.

As it was 3pm the staff were bubbly and energetic and they were ready to serve you.

I had Mi Goreng. Normally it comes with chicken, seafood, egg, vegetables and noodles. As it is no meat May I had taken the chicken out of my Mi Goreng. I can have seafood though. Here the seafood was just alright and so was the Mi Goreng. As it is such a small one for the price of $23 I would be happy coming for lunch.

The noodles was just alright and if you wanted another egg you had to pay $1.

As I couldn't have dessert due to I Quit Sugar program I could not try the Indonesian desserts on offer. I would have liked to though.

Do come here for lunch and for Indonesian food.


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