Friday, February 28, 2014

White guy cooks Thai

This is a sponsored post as part of RMIT O'week

White guy cooks Thai is a mobile van which goes around Melbourne. They usually reside in Yarraville park but today they showed up on campus as part of Oweek. Meld has done a great article on them.

The service was very friendly with smiles all around. Although they had to work twice as hard to feed the hungry hordes the staff were all smiling.

As such there were two choices: Spring rolls with slaw for the vegetarians and pork for everyone else. Being a vegetarian I chose the first one.

The slaw was good. It was fresh and it didn't have too much dressing.

The spring rolls are just as good as the ones you'd find in Asian restaurants. Without the sauce even better.

At the City one I had the Green Chicken curry with rice. The curry was yum without the chicken. I loved the pumpkin in there which made the curry taste nice.

White guy also serves other things like wontons, gyozas and fried chicken.

 I can't wait to try more stuff from their menu. Thanks RMIT for catering for the hungry hordes such as myself.
White Guy Cooks Thai Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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