Friday, March 7, 2014

Hot star fried chicken

Hot star Fried Large Chicken opened next door to Gong Cha just a few months ago. I was very hesistant in trying because I am a vegetarian that does eat fish and I thought that they just have the large chickens.

Turns out I was wrong.  They cater for vegetarians with their mushroom pieces and curly fries.

The service was just ok. At least they understand English not like some other places which have terrible English.

My guess is they only accept cash. You order, pay and then wait for your order on the other side of the place

 I was confused with the queues as they have two queues. At least someone told me where to go to order.
Here they also have value combos- one of them was the one large chicken with coke for about $10. They also cater for students too and some of the Melbourne Uni student clubs get discounts. In the near future I hope that some of the RMIT ones have the same.

I saw a few other people's chicken and they looked really gigantic. I wasn't that hungry. I was only looking for a snack on a very miserable day.

One of the other reasons was the queues for food at lunchtime. I hate queues and always love to jump the queues when I can. The good thing as a blogger is that I can jump them when I want. Most people in media do jump the queues.

I loved my curly fries ($4.50) with that green pepper salt. I loved the spiciness of the salt and the crunch of the fries.

Is it worth queuing for? Yes, but if you just want the chips, just get it after lunch when the queues have died down a bit.
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