Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Ipoh

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This is a sponsored post as I was invited to try the place by the owner.
Little Ipoh is a Malaysian restaurant in the city. It is on the 1st floor above the Latrobe cafe. I heard that Latrobe cafe will be closing soon.
The place is very close to RMIT.
The meat side of the bain marie

The veg side of the bain marie

Sambal and salad

Teh tarik

I love this motto. This is so me

Things to read

The owner was very accomodating. They have been opened for about ten days now, but they used to be just selling their food at various festivals in Melbourne. Business is starting to pick up now.

Little Ipoh is about Malaysian hawker street food. I had their paus - one savoury and the other is sweet. I loved the red bean one. SO good. I haven't had a savoury one before so I can't comment.

I also had the vegetarian dishes from the bain marie- normally its two meat, veg and rice for $10. But I am a vegetarian so only veg. I tried it with their sambal which is spicy. When I saw biryani rice, I just had to try it. I loved the sultanas and I loved that it didn't have a lot of spiciness in there.

I had their egg dish with rice. One bowl of rice is enough. I couldn't finish it all.

I also tried rojak which in my opinion had too much sauce to it. I think they should put the sauce on the side as it was waaaay too overpowering. Some people don't like sauce. But overall I enjoyed eating fresh fruits and cucumber.

The teh tarik could have been a little bit sweeter; it was too bland.

Verdict: I liked it but didn't love it. I liked that they were different than the others in providing dishes that are not found in Melbourne such as pau and mee hoon and bandung which is easily found in Malaysia  but not in Melbourne.
My main concern is that other Malaysian businesses might start attacking them. Lets hope that they can keep their head above the water.
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