Thursday, May 11, 2017

Uni Curry Cafe

Uni Curry Cafe is in Melbourne Uni and I was around visiting their Farmers markets for some tasty snack ideas.

Here they have two curries and rice with mango lassi for under $10. But everything that morning was meat. As I was trying to stay true to the No Meat May challenge I had the salt and pepper fried fish with a pakora and lots of rice. In fact too much that I kept some for dinner that night.

The fish was a bit overcooked. It was tough in texture. But the pakora was good. It didn't have too much salt which I liked. I love to taste the flavours of the vegetables which was sweet. I also love how they didn't put any msg in there.

The rice was just rice.

Do come by for a student cheap eat when you are strapped for cash but still like your curry.


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