Saturday, December 8, 2012

Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney Kopitiam has been around for a little while, about one year. They are extremely popular with the Malaysians and the students from RMIT and Melbourne Uni. The place is just a short storll from RMIT City campus. It's located on Lygon st in Carlton.

On this very cold day in decmber I felt like some warm food to cheer me up so in I went

They were established in Malaysia in 1919 and their first store opened in Melbourne late last year.

About nine other bloggers raved on about this "Malaysian" place.
Here they have a kaya toast special with eggs, coffee and toast. I ordered this ($5.90) and nasi goreng ($6.80). they also do roti, satay and noodles along with other Malaysian drinks and sihes
Their nasi goreng was the best one that I have tried. It was authentic and I loved the salty fish.

They claimed that their kaya toast was the best and that their kaya sauce is homemade. I tried their toast and fell in love with it. Freshly done with their really sweet paste is the best.

Their eggs were a little too runny and too overcooked. That was the only grumble that I had.

but other than that everything was just perfect.

I can't wait to try the other one on Bourke st and it is recommended that you do come for cheap, warm, comforting meals.
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