Saturday, December 1, 2012

Supper Inn by Katherine

In my 28 years of being in Melbourne I have not been to Supper Inn. Supper Inn is one of Melbourne's most famous Chinese places. I was born and bred in Melbourne.

So when Sally decided to try the place I was really keen on the idea.

But I had trouble finding the place. I guess it was my own fault for forget to print the map. It was hidden in a laneway somewhere off Lt Bourke st.

The place in itself was not near bins like someone suggested on Urbanspoon but it was small and cramped and up some stairs so people wearing heels might have some trouble with the stairs and the cobblestones outside.

It was noisy at 6:30pm when we came and it was hard to find a good table. We were place right outside the bathrooms which means I got whacked in the face a few times by the beaded entrance.

There was one table which BYO'd their own wine. You can bring your own wine.

We checked out the bathrooms and we both didn't like them. Whilst they were clean they were humid and the toilet was just basic. Nothing more. And for this sort of establishment the bathroom was small. So there might be a queue for the ladies on a busy night.

Sally asked them "Do you have dumplings?" And the waitress said "NO". And then Sally asked "What do you recommend?". To which the waitress replied with the most expensive seafood dishes.

It is $20 per head but that was easy as most dishes were over the $15 price mark. I eyed one tables Roast pork and I really wanted it. Apparently it is one of their signature dishes on the menu (or so I am told by my parents).

The roast pork ($16) for a small plate was the best dish out of all and we both enjoyed the dish. It was freshly done with the nice crunchy skin.

The fried rice though ($17.5) was a bit meh for my liking. The rice was really mushy and cold and a little bit sweet. There was no egg in it.

We also loved the combination chow mein ($17.5). We loved the crunch of the noodles. But I found the dish to be a tad bit salty and the chicken a tad bit cold. I would have loved tofu in this dish and more veggies (vegetables) in it. Sally and I both finished this dish in record time.

Oddly enough the service (like others have said) was a tad bit cold though. I had to borrow a pen to take notes and the waitress quite rudely at the end of the meal said "CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY PEN BACK????" And I'm like "No I haven't finished yet". And they also kicked us out when we wanted to linger on for a while in a rude way. They basically threw the bill down at us. Rude.

I think that they almost forgot our tea ($1 per head) but we kindly reminded her.

It's a place that you come just for special occasions and just for the food though. Would I return? Maybe, only just to have their roast pork (suckling pig) and maybe try their Congee, Chinese donuts, tofu and steamed rice as I saw other tables had this and it looked quite nice.
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