Saturday, December 8, 2012

ECpot Cafe by Katherine

ECpot cafe is a Chinese cafe located in QV's food court outside of Officeworks.  It is in the heart of the city.
They have been here for years and when I first came to RMIT  I used to visit them.
It was not busy when I arrived. It was 2.30pm when I arrived hence there was a $7 afternoon tea special of a small meal and a tea/soft drink. I opted for lemon tea for $1 extra (I wonder why).
I had the prawns in puff pastry. Yummy.
They have a lot of meals all for under $11. Most of the meals include pickles which I saw being brought out. I really wanted to help myself to the pickles on the shelf. Note to the guys that work  there: don't bring the pickles out. There are some special lunchtime sets which included a drink with it but it was over when I came.

They do have a limited range of dumplings. There was no cheong fun on there which I would have there to be. :(. But there was char kuey teow and fried rice etc.
The tea came quickly but the service was really slow for a quiet restaurant. All the staff seem to just be standing around not doing much.
The saucer was a tad bit dirty but I didn't really notice until the end. Whoops.
I also sampled crumbed tofu with sweet and sour sauce ($5.20) and some of the guy's free rice. He did offer me some. Apparently they know the guy that is on the table next to me so they gave him some free rice that was a new flavour. It tasted like chicken so it must be hainanese chicken rice. Next time I might just have to order a small bowl of rice and some fried prawns. Or maybe Hainan chicken.
Next time I might just visit for lunch and I recommend thee to visit for some cheap student fare.
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