Saturday, December 8, 2012

Suzuki Night market by Claudia

Yesterday I went to Suzuki Night market with Sally. This is my first time in my 28 years that I have been in Melbourne.

So when the opportunity arose for me to write up about this event and for Sally to visit the market at night we accepted it.

It was at the Queen Victoria market and its on every Wednesday night during the summer months. It was not hard to find. There were heaps of people at the market and we check out the bathrooms and there was a big queue. There was also a big queue at the atms for money, but luckily Sally and I made sure that we had enough cash before we came. There's a bank in the same building that I work in so that was easy.
There's heaps and heaps of craft and food stalls. We visited everything.

We mainly came for the food and the sangarias. Sangarias are cold Spanish alcoholic drinks. We really wanted to bring back some sangarias for another friend of ours but in the end we had to pass by the security guards and the guards asked us to leave it behind as it is alcoholic.

There was stalls selling Japanese, French, Spanish, Carribean, Australian etc. There was a few James Boags beer places too, but Sally and I don't drink wine.
There was a homemade lemonade stall but I just drank green tea before so we didn't have a chance to try this.

I had the paella ($12). It was yummy and it was not like the one at Simply Spanish. In fact this was better. This was much more flavoursome and the seafood was fresh. But there was a queue for it and I felt like pushing in as I was so hungry.

Sally's meatball roll ($10) was a little unappetizing for my liking and it was squashed. Its partially my fault.

Our Pork dumplings were delicious though and we couldn't fault them ($10). Yummy they were panfried.

I loved my potato twist ($6). Very flavoursome and I was easily full after this.

To top it off, I also had a lemon crepe ($6.50). yum. I loved that it came with ice cream. Very lemony which I loved.

We quite happily left the market for home after this. And I'll be back sometime soon.
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