Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tom phat

Tom Phat is one of Melbourne's most talked about places in Brunswick. They are rated number 65 on Urbanspoon and they have numerous articles raving on about them from the The Age and the Herald Sun.
Tom Phat is in Sydney Road Brunswick and is on a tram line. I was at RMIT Brunswick that day taking pictures of the campus so I decided to visit.

The Aussie guy there who was at the bar was a lovely guy and my food came out pretty quickly. I was the only one at 11.30am.
This is a cool place to have drinks and they are open from 8am-10pm at night Wednesday to Friday.
Tom Phat is not cheap but their food is yummy. And they even have a bar. They have free WI-FI too.
Here I  had the most talked about things;  the roti omelette with bacon ($14) and the rice paper duck rolls ($9). I also had a long black ($3). They use Coffee Supreme beans.
I loved my roti except they used way too much tomatoes and not enough onions. Filling enough though. And there was a salt blob in the eggs.
I also loved my rice paper rolls although at $9 it was a bit steep for two rice paper rolls. Three would have done me just fine. The duck was a bit dry through but other than that all is great.
My coffee was a little bit burnt though
I would love to see some lunch deals for students but other than that I'd return to try their noodles and their teas. keep up the good work guys.
Tom Phat on Urbanspoon


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