Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eat at Ito with the RMIT Japan Club

This was the RMIT Japan Club's last dinner for the year and so I was invited to dinner. I had wanted to eat at ITO for a while now so when they invited me I said "Lets go".
There were about 20 people in our group.
When I arrived the tables were not fully set up. The staff seem to be just talking to one another and they were not really organised.

Although the place is run by Chinese the food there was awesome. But the service was a bit disorganized with the waiters running all around the place not knowing what they are doing. I had to flag them down a few times and when I ordered my tamago sushi ($4 for a small plate of one sushi) I had to go up the front to order it.
The Japan Club had some money left over from the earlier events which they had to use up. So they only paid about $13.50 for my meal. I had to pay the rest myself which is fine by me.
My Chirashi sushi ($17) was a bit pricey for a small bowl but the fish was really fresh and the rice was just the right sort for sushi- really vingary and not too warm.
I also had Agedashi tofu and nasi denguku ($8.50). Nasi Denguku is fried eggplant. They were just ok, although I would have liked moving bonito flakes.
I loved my tamago sushi. The big egg piece really wowed me.
I also got to try some of the chicken terriyaki and the spare ribs.  I loved the tenderness of the meat.
I had green tea as well, $2 for a big pot which is reasonable.

I think I'd come back again, but this time for lunch as the lunch bentos seem to be really cheap or the ramen which came in really big bowls for cheap.
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