Saturday, June 30, 2012

Free coffee at San Churros Lygon st

Today is Wednesday and there is free coffee for all of the San Churros fans and I was one of them! This promotion is for June only.

Hence I was interested in visitng the Lygon st store.  It's really close to Melbourne Uni, but all the Melbourne Uni students don't frequent there, why? This store had been opened for quite some time but I don't frequent that area very much.

Here is like all the other store. You can read about my other store visit here.

Although there is free coffee today this store was quiet why? And why on earth was the manager so rude when my server was lovely?

And oh why oh why are the toilets so dirty at the back there?

Although I loved my mocha and my truffle ($1.95 each), I did not like my kid sized churros ($4.95). I've had better in the QV store. These were lukewarm and probably had been out for a little while. The chocolate was a little cold for my liking.

The truffle though was nice. It was a peanut butter handmade one. And I can see that they put a lot of work into this.

The mocha was really lovely, but I think a bit too much coffee rather than chocolate. I can taste small hints of chocolate.

I probably wouldn't come back here again when I can go to the one in QV which is much better than this one, even if someone offered me free coffee. It is just too much out of my way and they aren't even that great.
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