Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hanaichi @ QV Square

This is a really cheap Japanese place which is well loved by students and workers. I went just after lunch and this place was full as always. This chain of stores oringinated in Queensland by an actual Japanese chef. One of my friends work at the Hanaichi chain in Chadstone and he said that this was good.
Here they only do Japanese curries and other hot meals. No sushi or bento
Not so...
The place was chaotic with many people finishing their shifts at lunch time and not really helping customers out. I did put my hand up for someone to help me with opening my soup but they jsut whizzed by.
The waiters yelled to the kitchen staff rather than writing the orders down.
The upstairs area was full of litter and someone hadn't gone around and cleaned it up yet.
They always require staff.
Hardly any service. You just order, pay and they call your name when the food is ready.
And  when I got my food (tempura with rice- $6.70 and miso soup $2.20) it was:
crunchy but too much rice and not enough tempura. And all the vegetables were hidden in the rice so they went all soggy
Loved the pickles and they used the correct rice this time. And I love that it was not oily but fresh.
Loved the miso soup just wished it had tofu in it. For $2.20 its a bit expensive without.

I think next time I'd go for the ramen and come a little bit earlier say 11am. Then that way they are cleaner and much more ready to help me if needed.
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