Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spiga bar with RMIT staff

I went to the Spiga bar with RMIT staff today to celebrate Canada day. I really didn't know a lot about Canada day except that it is a holiday for all Canadians. It's not celebrated much in Melbourne, but it is celebrated by RMIT. They have been doing this for years.

So today I decided to celebrate it with them at Spiga and I met up with some lovely staff there.
Here Spiga bar's food is not cheap but it is still busy. I came here about 5-6 years ago and not much has changed except for a new menu and gluten free food.

They are an Italian restaurant and they sure are authentic. Today I had penne pasta with too much olives and sauce in it ($14.90 for a small plate, can you believe it). The pasta was al dente and very filling and I loved the cheese.
Don't you just love this

The service there was quite friendly with a smile. And it was attentitive and fast.

Everyone else loved their meals and there were only 5 of us. And we all ordered small meals. Although two people could not finish their meals. One was the soup ($13 with lots of bread) and the other was the risotto ( I think it was $18???). And the person with the soup loved it. She said that it was the right size for her.  The bill for the five of us was $113.

I think it would be much better that Spiga does a student deal such as 10% off then it could encourage more students to come. Although I did see quite a few students.
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