Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Le crossaint

Le Crossaint is a French bakery at Victoria Market. It sells sandwiches, pastries, crossaints, cakes and breakfasts for under $10. They have Breakfast specials of $8.50 and $11.95 (with a drink). They also have Vietnamese banh mi for $5.
The service here is non existent. You go up to the counter and you order. And then they will give you a tray with the table number, salt and pepper and your juice and you'll have to balance it yourself and walk out the door and sit outside (there is no indoor seating). And they have small steps so it might be hard to balance the tray.

The vegetarian french breakfast was just ok. And they forgot the French toast. The bottled orange juice wasn't too bad for the price.
The mushrooms had bits of bacon in it. Although I asked for no bacon, I didn't mind just a small bit of bacon. The tomato was a little flavourless. I would have liked a lot more flavour to it. It was not grilled properly.
The eggs were sunny side up , which I didn't mind. But I would have liked it better if it was scrambled. I wasn't asked about the options for the eggs, which I would have liked. The egg was just lukewarm and not hot.
Although you get a good feed for the price, they could have put some sort of butter with the crossaint. And more toast.
I'd probably visit this place only if Big Fil wanted me to.

Later on I went to the American Jam doughnut Kitchen and they sell lovely and divine donuts for $1.Yay! Love them
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