Friday, February 17, 2012

Eat @Kenzan

Kenzan is a Japanese cafe that is highly raved and reviewed by bloggers and people on Although a little bit on the steep side in terms of costs, it is a true Japanese place. It is run by Japanese and not by Chinese.
They have a few restaurants but the one I went to is at GPO. Its a bit further from my workplace.
This place seems to attract a lot of the corporates, but some of the students also visit for lunch. I went there at around 12:45pm and the place was packed.
It was dim, but I love the decor. It was truly Japanese.

I had a vegetarian roll and tempura zaru soba. And I also had a Japanese cold green tea. Altogether it was $23-$24.
The zaru soba was heavenly. But the serving could have been bigger for the hefty price tag of $16. Loved the tempura. It was heavenly, but again small serving.
The sushi roll was lovely too. The rice was the right one. Again a bit hefty though at $4 for eat and $3.80 for take away.
 I'd probably only just come here for the experience not so much the money.
This is like being in an Izakaya den. All the servings are rather small for the price paid.
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